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Act 5 Merc Build D2MERCENARY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SUMMONER DRUID????. Hey guys, I just tried to put the ogre axe on the act 5 merc and it wouldnt let me even though his stats were high enough. This is an ideal damage type considering the extreme lack of …. The might aura is something like 200% damage, but you already have ~3000% damage so it really isn't all that significant. Does anyone know the IAS breakpoints for ettin axe on act 5 merc, cant seem to find it thanks. Everyone and their mother would take an act 5 merc until they could afford a CTA and switch to an infinity. So, it’s best to go with a stat booster instead. The Insight Runeword is a Weapon Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 5. While the Act 2 mercs still might be best, I’m debating changing things up to see if there is something else I prefer. Sazabis set covers most of the survival needs, but rocking Grief for damage or Plague fire Cleanse is great. Outright strongest merc you can make? : r/diablo2. Both the Prayer (Combat) and Defiance (Defense) mercenaries also work well, adding extra healing or defense that extends to your summoned minions. pvp: act 1 merc with andys fort faith in hydra bow. Sales consultants work on an empl. Since only the Act II Desert Wolf mercenary can wield Polearms, the recommended weapon, you are limited to that choice. A5 merc with Silence CB + fortitude and vamp gaze with at least 2 os for 30 IAS for hitting highest BP (48). It also compiled damage and crushing blow to certain monster. 6 Ladder 3 Trapsin Build Skills D2R 2. Best Runeword Weapons for the New Mercenary | Frenzy Act 5 Merc | Diablo 2 Resurrected D2R. A3 fire for enchant seems useful for gathering charges faster once they inevitably drop. Act 5 merc with a LW is horribly strong vs bosses. best merc Setup for cold sorc. i think u wanna run andariels helm socketed with str. This is the Act 5 Area list for Diablo II: Resurrected on Maxroll. 5k damage which is actually not bad. As a blizzard sorc or wind druid you're going to be providing your own cold/slow to all enemies so a2 Holy freeze merc is redundant. probably the final mercenary based video for a whilemaybe some magic finding and build videos next or whatever randomly comes to mindBIG THANKS for wat. Leveling up, I tend to use Act 5 Frenzy. Admittedly I have never seen a windforce (at least in D2), but why not put your best stuff on a hireling? My sorceress has an act 5 hireling . This guide will present everything you need to know about Mercenaries, their abilities, optimal equipment, and class-specific Mercenary choices. com/stores/theicemanstoreTwitter: https. Your mercenary will stay in town. Properly geared Barbarian merc can do a nice damage and he is also very tanky. Burito-11511 February 20, 2023, 5:18am #8. It is recommended to pick up an Act 2 Mercenary with the Aura Holy Freeze. There is 2 type of merc in act 5. Here are all the changes made to mercenaries in …. Sorc with bow + enchant solo? : r/diablo2. Maybe acting as a sturdy tank if needed. Lawbringer isn't all that impressive for its physical damage. Holy Freeze Zeal Paladin Build Guide. I had just completed the collection of the Sazabi set and it's actually pretty legit on the act 5 merc. [Act 3 merc] 0: 5: 8: 13: 18: 24: 32: 46: 63: 86: 133: 232: 600 i want to thank you for the interest you are giving to Diablo 2 Resurrected. But the 3 biggest changes is they can now use amazon specific bows and they benefit from those. Typically, Mercenaries won't be of much use early on. (Brilliant Idea) Check out the Reddit i posted in …. It’s the process using the same fanaticism or a level and then a pairing might, it's going to be as close to comparison and then we are. Diablo 2] New Act 5 Mercenary FRENZY Dual Wield Griefs. Lightsabre Shield is either Spirit or. The reason for this is that not only does he move quickly through areas and have high survivability with his shouts, but he has the skill Item Find that uses his Magic Find every …. As a cast-oriented build, the Hammerdin relies chiefly on two offensive stats: faster cast rate and skill level bonuses (which include +x to all skills, +x to Paladin skills, +x to combat skills, and +x to Blessed Hammer). Skills Invested: 20 Res Fire, 20 Conviction, 20 Salvation, 20 Holy Shield, 1 on everything else. If you want your merc to be a tank that can do decent damage and is mostly a support role then the act 2 defensive is best, if you want one that prioritizes damage for quickly killing immunes then an act 5 is a better choice. Shield: 35% Spirit Monarch Shield. Like other single-element characters, while still leveling or undergeared, she will be dominant in specific areas but struggle anywhere with Cold …. Treachery, combined with a high damage weapon and some life leech, is usually the best budget option before Fortitude for Act2 merc. Once you use your Reset, you might consider grabbing an Act II Mercenary that fits your build. Skeleton Summon Necromancer D2R Build. They can be killed by monsters and can use spells and skills as well. With Metamorphosis, you can reach an even higher attack speed breakpoint than previously. Act 5 Merc builds What's your favorite act 5 Merc build? Currently using Lawbringer phase blade, eth treachery, and G face socketed with 40ed jewel Has made boss runs so easy. Charm 3: 40% Magic Find Gheed's Fortune. Resist Fire aura - no need to get fire res from gear, and can free up a ring slot from Dwarf Star for something better. With the awesome change to the Act 5 mercenary being well trained in the art of dual wielding, I would urge the developers to consider the following two changes below: Act 5 mercenary can now use axes Unbending Will can be made in axes Allowing Act 5 mercenary to equip axes fits the fantasy while strengthening the new runeword, …. It is a well-rounded build capable of farming and even destroying Ubers. ) Does anyone have a firm attack speed calculator for PD2 act 5 mercs since I know they've been changed a lot. I then tried equipping a short battle bow and a long battle bow on an A1 merc but she kept saying the same thing. Things go back to normal for Act V after Act IV ended on a shorter note. If I had to pick a most recommended. Level 1 Fanaticism will only benefit your merc because of the low radius. It is a visual representation of y. And any found after that will also. I've made both axe and sword based frenzy barbs. Your Mercenary Kills EVERYTHING! Enchant Sorceress Build Guide. 4 Ladder Act 5 Merc builds and more importantly, the best Act 5 mercenary weapons, runewords, and gear to use. Weapon - The Infinity Runeword …. Insight is much easier to get because of the runes required to make. Wand (2) Offering the best runewords by level required for Necromancer this item is ideal for the bonemancer build that uses Bone Spear giving a +5 in total and faster cast rate. A personal branding book that provides a process and guideline to being truly authentic online. I dont think a merc will make or break that fight though. Best mercenary for Fanatic Zealot? : r/diablo2. I could be wrong on this but I didn’t think IAS bp’s mattered for act 5 merc. The reason why it beats Grief is the A5 Merc 1h damage bonus doesn't apply to the +Damage modifier on Grief. minneM-1797 January 22, 2022, 8:52pm #1. 4 Ladder Act 5 Merc Build Guide | Best Act 5 Mercenary Weapons & Gear in Diablo 2 In this article, we'll start with some tips for D2R 2. Duress Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected. 5 each, and even a +11 fire absorb steel shade …. Now that my Frost Maiden got her Faith bow, my A5 merc kicks serious booty: Grief PB, Eth Oath Cryptic Sword Crown of Thieves. This helps breaking immunities and acts as an early pre- Infinity setup. Reapers toll decrepify proc will decrease phys resistance by 50% and also weaken their attack/slow their movement and attack speed. I would strongly recommend an act 2 merc or act 5 merc. Mercs can't equip weapons? I tried equipping a pike on an A2 merc and he kept saying "i can't use that". Act 3 Fire Merc solo clearing Stony Tombs lvl 85 Area. Act 5 mercenaries (Barbarians) can equip swords, axes, tipped maces/hammers (all maces except clubs), & Barbarian helms. Their inner sight goes off fairly often which helps wolves/grizzly hit more consistently. 4 Best Act 5 Merc Builds (Best Runewords & Gear For Act 5 Mercenary). In this article, let’s take a look at the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2. I'm bored and wanted to screw around. You have to ask yourself, if you want to have the highest dmg dealing merc as opposed to, for example, Last Wish + Lawbringer which is useful to you as well. This is by far the most commonly recommended best Hardcore build. And unlike the Starter build, the Budget setup can farm …. Also Ice bow is now your best source of holy freeze, with fun frost nova splicing all the time. The overwhelming shortcomings of this build are gonna make running leveling zones necessary to have a chance of breaking out of nightmare, because NM Diablo and NM act 5 are killers. I could be very wrong, but have never seen anybody sport an Act 3 merc in all my years in D2. Both the Prayer (Combat) and Defiance (Defense) mercenaries work well, adding extra healing or defense. This means the monster’s protection is stripped away and dropped another 50% extra below zero restoring the power of thorns. Would a faith bow on a act 1 Merc be a good choice for a summon necro. If you wear like an infinity spear, you can even kill Uber Mephisto using double plagues on an act 5 mercenary to proc lower resistance. I’m really enjoying the changes to Act 5 mercenary, but after extensive testing, it seems like the Act 2 mercenary is still king of the hill as he kills monsters more quickly. PATCH NOTES A new patch is now available for Windows® PC. A mercenary rebalance is going to be introduced in the upcoming 2. So since alot monster in d2 deals elemental dmg especially ubers. RPGStash is the best Diablo 2 Resurrected Store with all type of D2R Items for sale, Buy D2R Ladder Act 5 Plague/Lawbringer Merc Build with Fast Delivery at rpgstash. Act 1/3/5 mercs can be quite a good alternative on fury druid if you look for specific auras/skills to support you from runewords not on polearms/spears. So act 5 lawbringer merc is nice only for Nithaltak runs (If you don't have Tirael Might), because of "Slain monsters rest in peace". A3 static merc for bosses maybe, but seems like a barb with crescent moon would be a better. It is very important to know the Mercenary Mechanics to make good use of them, as they add immense Quality of Life, and strong boosts to your Character. •Insane damage potential that in most circumstances beat out an act 2 gg geared Merc (but not in all circumstances). But all great options demand few HRs. If I find a crystal sword in act 5 normal or before the max sockets will be 3 or less. Aura stacking on mercs and paladin : r/diablo2. Always get a nightmare version of the act 2 merc, probably offensive for the might aura to increase his damage, but. Act 3 merc is now actually usable and decent but still worse than Act 2. The Blessed Hammer Paladin, commonly known as Hammerdin or Hdin, has been a staple build in Diablo 2 for many years. In Diablo 2, mercenaries (also called mercs or hirelings) fight along your side as you make your way through Sanctuary. Act 5 merc : r/Diablo_2_Resurrected. List of Most Useful Mercenary Runewords. Having a merc with 88%-90% all res is way more important than dr because most of the time he dies to elemental damage. I tried to equip him with: Unique: Boneslayer Blade (Gothic Axe) which is STR 115, DEX 79 and level 42. It deals massive damage, has wide area coverage, and …. gg - Diablo II Build Guides Zealer. Helm: Harlequin Crest socketed with Ist Rune. Of all the possible combinations i found that grief pb (33+ ias), lw pb, fort, and gface with 15 ias jewel are the best setup for him. Charm 1: Sorceress Hellfire Hellfire Torch. The prodigal daughter returns! Long has it been since the Nova Sorceress has been considered as one of the stronger builds, but now she is back - with a vengeance! In the before times, Nova was used to strike down hordes of cows. If you get a PM offer, post it in the trade. IIell-1983 January 20, 2022, 3:46am #4. It shreds the vast majority of monsters with ease! This build centers around maximizing the Elemental Skill Tree, with Physical and Cold being your two main sources of damage. 20% Bonus to Attack Rating (varies). 4 Ladder, covering the best gear and weapons for ACT 5 frenzy …. AB is down atm, so take with a grain …. This creates some incredible items, increasing the power of your …. My Act 5 merc is level 43 right now, and has STR 139, DEX 81. Act 3 Merc has no aura choice. BERNDMM-2573 April 21, 2022, 12:29am 1. Overall, this Diablo 2 Resurrected 2. I strongly urge the developers to at least consider giving the Act 5 Barbarian Warrior the ability to dual-wield whereby making him a more competitive. Project diablo is for stool pigeons. Althought the dmg and range are way better on the GA, the speed of the weapon based on the class (Act 5 merc beeing a Barbarian) is significatly slower. Just like your dream holy shock aura won’t stack with the holy shock aura you can activate. The reason is simple: Act 5 Dual Wield Frenzy Barbarian Mercenaries can use Plague runeword that can apply Lower Resist to monsters. 5 Avg - D - Very Fast - range 2. 10000 Terrorized Act Boss runs! Drop Results from 10K TZ Andariel, Duriel, and Diablo kills! Loot, guide, build, tips and thoughts. Lightning Sentry Dragon Tail Hybrid Assassin Build Guide. PD2 Act 2 Merc BiS Best in slot list. Anything above P3, I need to skate around a bit more. Tips for Hardcore Player Success in Diablo 2: Resurrected Season 5. This is the most powerful weapon you can have for Act 5 Merc. Fortitude is insanely better by comparison. Act 3 Mercenary - Iron Wolf 0: 5: 8: 13: 18: 24: 32: 46: 63: 86: …. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. The Frenzy Barbarian has excellent mobility with its ability to gain "Frenzy. But, even with the introduction of Patch 2. 4 A5 Frenzy Barb Merc • diablo2. Act 5 Merc Equipment (Grief) Giant Skull - 1 Socket Grief Colossus Blade Fortitude Archon Plate - Ethereal Learn More. irishpub-1826 April 16, 2022, 6:51am #17. I don't think act 5 merc is even worth using over act2 mercs because of the Auras and polearm provide too much utility over act 5 mercs. Whirlwind Barb Barbarian Build Guide Diablo II: Resurrected Season 5. 5 Holy Fire Paladin build has honestly surpassed the Tesladin in terms of how smooth and fun it is to play, especially with Sunder Charms. Mercenary is still your best friend in the Ladder season, so with the right option and proper gear setup, your mercenary at each ACT will help you a lot in the leveling and ranking progress!. 4 Ladder Best ACT 5 Mercenary Builds. The Act 3 Iron Wolves can now cast Static, the Act 5 Barbarian can now frenzy with dual swords and cast Battle Cry – how does a Grief and a Lawbringer sound? However, the casting of Battle Cry does make the Act 5 merc less efficient than before. I highly suggest to hire ACT III fire merc, because he can deal with physical immune monsters which are issue for your summons and he can also enchant them. Atma's Scarab - one of the best choices for this build. Best Act 1 Merc Build Hey Guys, I just did a cold act 1 mercenary with ICE(Great Bow) + Ormus Robe (4 Facet) + NightWing Veil(45 IAS), and I am wondering if that is the strongest build for her. Bye bye curses, bye bye poison duration, hello fireball mommy. Before using the Act 5 merc I relied on an insight act 2 merc, but by the time I got to the 80s I didn't really have any mana trouble at all. Therefore, every hit dealed out the exact same damage on a monster with the same life. Mercs can level up just like you do, but they can never be higher level than you. Likewise, we also have infinity or pride if you can afford one. For Wind Druid, Act 5 Merc with Lawbringer is also an option (runes can be farmed from Hell Countess), if want to try out something different. There's no shame in keeping to the shadows while your merc clears out the bulk of the beetles. The Frenzy Barbarian is one of the least gear dependent Barbarian builds that you can make. The Breath of the Dying Runeword, often abbreviated as BotD, is a Weapon Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 5. Lvl 80 naked A2 NM offensive merc has a lvl 23 might, that's a 260% increase in damage for every single one of your melee summons (since you mentioned your friend is using necro) Add to. Plauge is expensive requiring a cham and an um rune to make. what's good budget gear for act 5 merc? : r/Diablo_2_Resurrected. You can’t compete with a free aura and then some of the greatest Aura-producing …. Breakpoints: 50 IAS (poorly rolled Grief + Andariel's Visage) = 4 stacks of Frenzy to reach max speed. Guide is written and updated for Season #1 Awakening. Baalor-1885 March 2, 2022, 2:11pm #9. an eth Insight CV poked his Act 5 merc down the first 2 out of 3 times. To do this, all you need to do is go to the. This build also begins with Double Swing at level 6 and can be very solid for leveling throughout the game. Mercenaries in Diablo II: Resurrected—指南—Wowhead. Hence it is a good companion if you have a build of Frenzy Barbarian or Zealadin. Another type of 40/15 jewel that's actually pretty good is this ruby Jewel of Freedom with the 15% stats refers to the requirements minus. Like player characters, hirelings can also level-up and become slightly stronger over time. Project Diablo 2 Season 7 Announced For April 28th, Closed Beta April 15-23, Open Beta April 24-25. The other playstyle involves wearing wolfhowl (my preferred style for the run speed and leech) so you can maintain Feral Rage stacks for more attack speed, movespeed and survivability through life leech. I'm not rich by any means but have been able to grind some decent items. The primary role of sales consultants include promoting and selling products or services and building strong commercial relationships. They'll always be active and around, helpful even if all they do is follow the character around and fire off a couple of shots. Ya losing the might aura sucks but since werewolves don’t have great crowd control or easy magic damage like a barb, a physical immune breaking merc is very important to shaper druids. Common Stats - Resists & Reduced Damage - Faster Hit Recovery - All Items can be Ethereal, Durability won't be consumed. Sadly its extremely hard without gg gear to keep act 1 mercs alive. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. 4 Patch, and the frenzy merc is so godly in the game. This is opposed to the druid’s spirit, 1 bear, 8 wolves, and. It excels at sniping Elite monsters, as well as a large majority of the game’s activities. Body: Shaftstop, or another body armor (non-ladder runewords) Wep: Eth Arioc's Needle +4 or Reapers toll. While I had little lightning resist, Mercs have a passive amount, thus giving them a better shot at surviving. Last wish iron golem, wear beast, mist bow merc Or!. I’d imagine if someone stinky rich they can put on Act 5 merc decent col blade (and barbs have insane regeneration). Diablo 2 was probably the most loved game in my whole life, and i can’t even start to express how much the perspective of seeing it evolves and grows thrills me. 4 Best Act 5 Merc Builds (Best Runewords & Gear. Hey all Here is the gear I use on my act 2 mercLet me know what you think and what you might do different!. For example, is it best to use act 5 merc with x2 lawbringers? Or get an act 1 merc with faith. CharlesJT-1538 March 5, 2022, 6:03pm #1. Elemental-based classes that would benefit from Infinity will probably want one of the defensive auras (Defiance or Prayer) rather than Might, which focuses on boosting Physical damage. Reapers toll is an amazing merc weapon for classes that need CB on merc for bosses, so you can wear g-face on your merc, but sorc’s have static so it’s unnecessary. You can choose between Might and Holy Freeze. I am a frozenzon (or whatever it's called) with enough other damage to slowly kill cold immunes, but my act 5 merc is dying a lot more even with. I get that Headstriker is a better Act5 Merc weapon, but I am …. Lawbringer in Phase Blade is good because of Decrepify procs and the added fire damage per hit. Act 1 is next follow by least popular should be act 3 merc. With the main source of our damage being Physical Damage from Frenzy and Magic Damage coming from Berserk, the majority of the game is unlocked to us. But if you get it normal cows and (probably) early nightmare it will be 4 sockets. He tanks for you, and has a free aura. Resurrected Ladder (PC & Switch) $3. Best D2R Ladder Runewords To Keep For Your Mercenary. The Build Back Better bill currently working its way through the Hill could have big changes for how wealth people use the retirement system. You can go 2x Last Wish which actually stacks up to level 34 Might Aura. Act5 mercs now provide a might aura and can equip maces and axes. 4 ladder build guide, we break down the S tier. The Act 2 merc with Infinity works really well in that it buffs damage and basically negates all enemy defense, making AR a non-issue. Zeal Paladin Build Guide Best Mercenary for Holy Freeze Zealadin in Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2. COH will be BIS for life leech, big res, and to boost Prayer by +2 levels. 60-70% Chance of Crushing Blow (varies) Prevent Monster Heal. My mercenary is slow, does less damage and easily die! Due to various bugs with mercenary auras in Diablo II, reequipping items. Elemental resistance reduction only applies to the wearer. He should be equipped with: Infinity Rune Word in Ethereal Spear - This provides Conviction Aura, which reduces the defenses and resistances of nearby enemies and offers very high bonus damage. 5% Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level) - Grief (Phase Blade): ultimate damage weapon for most builds and the Act 5. However, going out into the world I still see the act 2 mercs are dominating player preference. 4 that makes you can really set off and become the ultimate support mercenary for your mercenary. I had an extra 3 soc eth balrog blade on my stash for this reason so I made a law bringer with it. Both have ctc amp and fire either magic or explosive arrows. Act 2 merc has been dominant for decades and its time for Act 5 merc to shine in the limelight for …. Act 5 Merc builds : r/Diablo_2_Resurrected. This could be useful for players that want to …. If you want another way of getting rid of cold immunes, …. Definitely a fun build with great phys/fire/CB. Vs Champion Sword (-10) avg dmg 77. as death+grief dun have prevent monster heal for ubers/clones. [BiS] Mara's Kaleidoscope - A great combination of offensive (+2 to all skills) and defensive (+20-30 to all resistances) properties. Lawbringer eth highland blade (a few great stats like decrep to bring bosses to a standstill) eth Corpsemourn armor (1800 def, also has iron maiden) Tals helm (life leach and resist). The Act 1 mercs having the aoe damage is …. Only 2 worth mentioning in NM are. Mercenaries [] There are four types of mercenaries, Rogues (Act 1 archers), Town Guards (Act 2 spear carriers), Iron Wolves (Act 3 sorcerers), and Barbarians (Act 5 warriors). very fast- but one of them might still be faster. The Taunt from Act 5 mercenary causes him to attract all of the damage from uber bosses + minions and get 1 shot. In addition, an Act 5 mercenary can actually quadruple crit. It is the most popular mercenary for summoners, as the two offensive auras greatly increase the power of summons. Giving up Infinity, Insight or the like for slightly higher merc dps just isn't even a consideration in most cases. The reason is simple: Act 5 Dual Wield Frenzy Barbarian Mercenaries can use Grief main hand + Last Wish off hand setup or 2x Last Wish weapons which can stack up to level 34 Might aura …. tv/dbrunski125Membership: https://www. Rating: 8/10 Had I watched Only Murders in the Building in a different period of my life — and by that I mean in my pre-pandemic cynic days — I might have found its brand of humor too broad and its acting unsubtle. Join this channel to get access to perks:https://www. Indian-2161 June 5, 2022, 2:03pm #10. Thank you! I’m using the 2h Merc though, so can only run one sword. Otherwise act 2 Mercenary all around best. d2jsp Forums > Diablo II > Diablo 2: Resurrected > D2:R Discussion > Question About Dual Wielding On Act 5 Merc. The frenzy Merc can use two 1h swords and the bash Merc can use one 2h sword. Druid Leveling Guide for Diablo II: Resurrected Best Mercenary for Wind Druid in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 5 The Act II Desert Wolf Mercenary is the a good pairing with a Wind Druid, due to all the auras it can project. The Blizzard Sorceress is one of the most well-rounded characters to start your journey in Diablo 2 Resurrected. For shield wearers this really helps survivability because you can swiftly walk from brawl to brawl (running drops block to 25%). In this case with level 8 fanat, the max bp is 46 IAS which is fairly easy to hit. An act V merc with Guillame's Face and Last Wish (in a phase blade) kicks out a higher Might aura than most A2 mercs, casts charged bolt about as often as the act III merc, and has synergized bash/stun, his own source of life leach (50% damage, IIRC) And has 105% crushing blow. When the Act 5 mercenary uses the Battle Cry or Taunt (by the new Dual Wielding Frenzy Mercenary) ability which is a buff granted in Patch 2. Views: 679 Replies: 3 Track Topic. 5 Ladder Season 2, so we will talk about the best runewords, armors, helms, and other equipment to use on the ACT 1/2/3/5 mercenary. net">Diablo 2 Mercenaries. I would try to get a Reaper's Toll. Can act5 Merc dual wield with Balrog blade? : r/diablo2. The frenzy merc is clearly better than the bash merc, so instead I propose the following two mercs: Act 5 merc - 2x 1H sword - “same skills as current” Act 5 merc - 2x 1H axe - “same skills as Act 5 - 1H sword” The game already has art assets for Act 5 1H axe merc; they use the Axe/Cleaver/Small. My mercenary is slow, does less damage and easily die! Due to various bugs with mercenary auras in Diablo II, reequipping items and dying are. (or +merc MF if he kills the monster) More than average and easy to build. I am not in hell and not sure which merc would be better. Probably would go with a1 faith merc Diablo_2_is_gud_game • Additional comment actions. tv/macrobioboi for more Diablo 2 Content!Thanks for watching and consider liking the video + subscribi. As their weapon, depending on their skills, they …. Burglary in the third degree is a felony crime and carries with it. Blizzard technology working on Diablo 2 servers. Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Mercenaries Guide. If you want a mercenary who will spread all your enemies, here is the mercenary frenzy act 5 of Diablo 2 Resurrected! Undoubtedly the most effective way to cleanse the underworld! By Alchemists, April 2022. About the Infinity Runeword in Ladder Season 5 The Infinity Runeword is just one of nearly 100 Runewords in Diablo II: Resurrected. News Diablo IV Diablo III Diablo II Path of Exile Lost Ark Last Epoch Torchlight Infinite. The desert mercenaries became the city's main protective force. Allowing Act 5 mercenary to equip axes fits the. Polearm is also a very good Mercenary weapon on its own. Berserk Barbarian Pitzerker Build Guide for Diablo II. Merc for WW barb? : r/Diablo_2_Resurrected. I wouldn't recommend a Phase Blade for a5 merc for this reason, especially if the runeword has ehdamage on it and not +damage (ie grief). Whether it's the pin in act 1 …. Now the “stack” means the two level 15. GUIDE] New Player Guide to MERCENARIES. r/Diablo • Diablo4 Build diversity statistics. lc/IAS/ select act5 Merc - Barbarian and choose a weapon with the same base speed as yours. The only restriction should be bows, amazon javelins and orher class specific weaps like wands. Their main strength comes from the ability to create an army of minions that fights for the player keeps them safe. Popular Build/Mercenary Choices in Diablo II: Resurrected The best Mercenary choice mostly depends on the character build it has to support. The reason is simple: Act 5 Dual Wield Frenzy Barbarian Mercenaries can use Grief main hand + Last Wish off hand setup or 2x Last Wish weapons which can stack up to level 34 Might aura and 84% chance (1. 4 Ladder Act 5 Merc Build Guide | Best Act 5 Mercenary Weapons & Gear in Diablo 2. AURAS DO STACK ON THE MERCENARY!! I made this Auradin with an Act …. There’s no way you got a might merc in normal, might mercs are only available in nightmare difficulty along with holy freeze mercs. Act 2 Merc with frostaura still will be best for hammerdin, sorcs, traper. You can equip him with the full ik set or give him lawbringer for an extra aura. Gloves: Trang-Oul's Claws or Magefist. Both are rocking an Act 2 Might merc with Insight/Fortitude/Andy. 5 - Act 1, Act 3, Act 5 Mercs Updates. So i did that: sorc, dual dreams, Crescent Moon, Infinity merc, maxed out thunderstorm and the synergies, as well as. Dps uptime Act I merc with tp reposition: kinda high Appliance: Arrow flight speed at 2. Before you build your character with the frenzy mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2. com/channel/UCFc8CBNDUFLc1hN5UayNR8g/joinTwitter:. This makes getting the runes for this Rune Word more challenging. I hate treachery and idk why people recommend this shit chest. Build Overview for Omnidin in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 5 Auradin Paladins are typically best used in a multiplayer setting, where the Auradin is providing helpful auras to other party members. This is a quick guide on using Act 5 mercenaries on goldfind barbarians. Stats for Act 1, 2, 5 (Physical) - % Life Leech - Damage - Increased Attack Speed. The saving grace for the act 5 merc is that he is built more like a tank than the act 2 merc so he lives longer in the fray of things. The Definitive Guide to ACT 5 Mercs - Patch 2. Mercs can also make use of faster run/walk items . However each class / skill have different break points. Is everyone experiencing this bug? Not a bug, it's most likely because they are too low level or don't have the necessary stats. Best Diablo 2 Runewords By Level Required Guide. The Act 5 frenzy barb will out DPS any other mercenary hands down. + glacial spike and LL of botd. Just get leech, some All resist, and phys dmg reduction and a high phys wep. A1 - New arrow types A3 - End game scaling and incrased life A5 - Battlecry My problem with this is, i dont want my act 5 mercenary to …. Equipment Slots: Bow, Helmet, Armor Discussion The A1 Merc provides useful ranged DPS, and has improved AI in D2R when compared to D2, so has improved survivability. In this guide, we will tell you how to set up the unkillable mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3! Best Act 2 Mercency Build Setup in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2. THX! Thank you so much for this fast answer! Just wanna try the new Frenzy Act 5 merc (patch 2. Act 2 might merc up until you get a Lem rune, then swap for an Act 5 barb and slap a Lawbringer on him. The desert warriors of Lut Gholei n are probably the most popular choice of mercenaries for any class. You can either choose a Defensive (Holy Freeze) or Offensive () Act 2 Nightmare Mercenary here depending on if you want a slower and safer pacec, or want your Mercenary to have added damage to help take care of Cold Immunes. Highest damage output by far is the Conviction setup, though. I know the common crossbow enchantress build. Guillame's Face socketed with Scintillating Jewel of Fervor. 5 times per second, has fully synergized bash/stun, has a. Mercenaries in Diablo II: Resurrected Season 5. Possibly THE BEST BUDGET MERC in the Game (and it's NOT THE ACT 2 Merc. An Rogue from Act 1 is another intriguing possibility especially with the new runeword options, but the aura from the Act 2 mercenary seems to hold the preference for now. With high attack and movement speed, this character can quickly dismantle its foes. Dude was a beast and gave a higher level might + cleanse aura. Wind Druid Build Guide Diablo II: Resurrected Season 5. My only problem with an Act 5 though, is lack of Insight still makes an Act 2 the go to for Sorc or heavy caster oriented character. D2R Nightmare Act 2 Merc : r/diablo2. Act 5 Grief/Oath Merc Build (Ladder) Build Gear Pack. Learn about a great leveling build, stat distribution, mercenary choice, charm, and gear selections to ease yourself into leveling as an Assassin in Diablo! You can use the Act 5 Quest 1 reward to socket the item, as you won't find a 4-socketed base item in the world. While this Sorceress build has always existed to some extent, it has never been THIS strong. You can't get a might merc from normal, offense mercs from normal/hell are blessed aim. 5 Act 2 Nightmare Mercenary Skills. As chain light sorc at the moment, cold merc sounds awesome to slow guys down and get immunes, but can't seem to tell if lightning merc buffs things that much with static constantly. They should be able to use mauls, spears, polearms, and axes. ly/2QzvLPwMerch: https://teespring. Each with unique skills and spells. They were hired by Jerhyn to defend Lut Gholein since all the Palace Guards were busy fighting the demonic invasion in the palace. Yes, many builds incorporate spawned allies and all of them rely on a mercenary. I am getting very close to make a beast for my a5 merc. 7 & Ladder Season 4 Most Meteor Sorcs will want to go with the old standard Act II mercenary. Don't sleep on this for when you are still trying to gear your a2 merc! Level 77 sorc, comfortably farming new 85 stony tombs in …. Initial Impressions: Against monsters in P1-P3 games, this thing is just skating around the map killing everything in 1-2 flicks. Each one gives a different aura. By the time this 5% will proc your merc will die 10 times or ull finish your run long ago. Act 2 Mercs have 3 different skills to chose from. Lathlaer-2453 April 17, 2022, 4:08pm #2. Larzuk both the helm and the armor and add a Scintillating Jewel of Fervor and you can hit 4. Is it the best to hire an merc from act 5 in (Normal). An Act 5 merc wielding a Last Wish Phase Blade, ebug CoH, and eth Kira's has the best chance at surviving Uber Tristram. Pros: •Extremely aggressive AI that will seek out enemies very frequently. This guide covers the Frenzy Barbarian. Helm: Helm: Druidic Pelt with Tornado skill bonus, or a Circlet with Elemental Skill bonus and Faster Cast Rate. Some necro or cold sorc might use Act 5 merc instead of Act 2 for style. The best runewords that improve survivability are Treachery, Fortitude, and Chains of Honor. Amazon Leveling Guide for Diablo II: Resurrected Best Mercenary for Multishot Bowazon in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 5 The best Mercenary for the Multishot Bowazon is the old standby, the Act 2 Mercenary. Druid Leveling GuideNecromancer Leveling Build GuideSorceress Leveling Build Guide Insight for …. The Enchantress can be used in a variety of ways, including enchanting your party members for overall party damage boosts, enchanting a Mercenary so he can bring Fire damage while your character does Cold or Lightning damage, or enchanting herself to become a Zealot utilizing the …. It's got the highest survivability of the batch and with some luck procs crushing blow. Best Act5 Merc weapon for my Barb : r/pathofdiablo. 4 Ladder ACT 5 Merc Build Guide - Diablo 2 Resurrected 2. At the moment, Might and Holy Freeze seem to be the top choice for Act 2 Mercenaries depending on if you need more Damage for your hireling or you need help kiting mobs with Holy Freeze. I’m just exploring the option of A5. Mercenaries in PTR Patch 2. It assumes familiarity with goldfind barbarians, particularly using teleport charges and Gavel of Pain. Mercenaries are a fundamental aspect of D2R PvM gameplay, providing useful utility, and an additional damage outlet and damage decoy. The Barb is a true tank, but not really necessary for a summon build. Generally you can experiment with cold sorc because you won’t break immunities anyway so you either skip them or let your merc kill them. There are different hirelings you can hire from the Acts in the game. Frenzy Barbarian Guide (WIP) : r/ProjectDiablo2. The Act 3 mercs will occassionally attack with their weapon if pushed into melee range. Act5 Merc Guide : r/ProjectDiablo2. In this guide, we will give you quick facts about Fortitude , strengths and weaknesses, best classes and specs, best Mercenary use, best socketed base items to use to create this Runeword, and hints for farming the necessary Runes. This guide will teach you to master the Hammerdin in all aspects of the game, from leveling to selecting end-game equipment for adventures in Hell and beyond, helping you survive the greatest …. Just my opinion, but that seems ok to me. on my barb i plan go with death+botd. Act 5 merc has been giving me good results. Skill Reset Guide for Diablo II: Resurrected Best Leveling Mercenary for Amazon in Ladder Season 5 We recommend using the Act 2 Desert Wolf mercenary with Blessed Aim as his aura. I'd say act1 vigor (fire) with a Witchwild String for amp dmg to help with phys immune and a templars might for might aura. The problem is it won’t be aggressive enough, I suspect. An act 5 merc with gavel of pain also works but you miss out on defiance or vigor aura. There is a model that exists already for dual axe barb fighting outside of act 5 town. Doing mostly T3 maps and you drink a pot like once every 5 maps. Thunderstroke and 4os shield with facets was used to lower resistance after breaking immunity. I already have: PB perfect roll Lawbringer +13% Ed PB solid roll Grief +11% ED fortitude AP 9% lifesteal andis. The Act 2 Desert Wolf Mercenary (commonly known as the might merc) is the best pairing with a Zeal Paladin. If you already run ice in your build, not as good. Lightning mastery synergizes the lightning damage from holy shock. The Blade Assassin has a simple game-plan, throw traps and clear density. Best Mercenary for Lightning Sorceress in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 5 The best mercenary for Lightning Sorcs by far is the Act 2 Mercenary. Weapon - The classic mercenary Runeword weapon Pride is highly recommended due to the Concentration aura. I posted a screen shot of my item and ppl where hating so now I gotta post the original picture here you go! 105. I have had both the Act 2 and the Act 5 mercs. Diablo 4 Season 2 Gameplay Trailer Blizzard has released a gameplay trailer for the Season of Blood ahead of the season’s official release. Is it worth to put a PB Grief on Act 5 merc? : r/diablo2. This guide will teach you to master the Avenger Paladin in all aspects of the game, from leveling to selecting end-game equipment for adventures in Hell and beyond, helping you survive the greatest …. Starting some point in late act 5 normal, he will 4 socket. Hirelings assist the player by attacking monsters. Plague provides Lower Resist level 12, enough for breaking 110% lightning resistance (1/5 of -57% resist is -11%). It boosts physical attack damage. In Diablo 2 Resurrected, there are different ways of playing Sorceress than just running around as a Blizzard Sorc or Hydra Sorc. Equip the Act V merc with the Last Wish rune word built into a Phase Blade (you need this particular weapon so that you can later hit the max attack speed. The build still shotguns though the heal and overall damage of Holy Bolt have been reduced. As you know, there are four types of mercenaries in Diablo 2 Resurrected: Rogue Archer (ACT 1), Desert Warrior (ACT 2), Iron Wolf (ACT 3), and Barbarian (ACT 5). Offensive: Might - swirling golden circle - increases melee damage. Specificially, you can build the best of the Act II, III, and V mercs all in one guy. Act 5 merc gets massive bonus in damage if the sword is 1-handed. com/channel/UCFc8CBNDUFLc1hN5UayNR8g/joinDonate:. The Druid is a nomadic warrior-poet of great spiritual strenght and divides into two main builds: Elementalist and Shape Shifter. Act 1 has freeze/slow on single target (ice) and lower def (all). Summoner Druid - new build for Patch 2. People will still want their merc to have auras like faith, infinity, pride, or the base might the other a5 merc has. This merc has the most utility out of any merc. The act 1 merc is long range so she is neither affected by IM nor will you find her trying to stay close to enemies. Find out their strengths, weaknesses, stats and skill distributions, and gearing! It is recommended to pick up an Act 2 Mercenary with the Aura Holy Freeze, as this can give your traps more time to …. Mercenaries can be outfitted with weapons (of the appropriate type), body. So you can determine which setup is the best. Act 2 merc's don't have might or holy freeze yet, which makes them less viable. ” – Zath “The Act 5 merc’s normal attack has 2 hits. Mercs are useful little things and. 4 Ladder Act 5 Merc Build Guide. Join us if you haven't! PD2: https://www. In this guide, we will give you quick facts about Mist, strengths and weaknesses, best classes and specs, best Mercenary use, best socketed base items to use to create this Runeword, and hints for farming the …. The Meteorb Sorceress is a classic combination bringing together the crowd control of Cold and the firepower of Fire to create a perfectly blended character capable of tackling almost any monster in the game. 5 Best Holy Fire Paladin Build. Merc for Bowazon (multishot) Hi Folks, maybe somebody is interested in some merc discussions for bowazon. If you love risk you can make beast iron golem and hold hoto or aotkl. Unless you have an act 2 merc with might aura innately and can still provide you another aura from their weapon, which makes act 5 mercs inferior again. To cure this, jump into a town portal OR using teleport skill. Diablo 2 Resurrected PVM Guide. With a month of hindsight, we’re getting a better picture of what the Inflation Reduction Ac. crushing blow on mercact5 barbs. Mercenary: Act 1 Cold Rogue with Faith Bow - this is critical to reach the breakpoint needed. Law Bringer is very underrated, imo. Edit: Act 1 merc with insight is dope, she hasn't died whatsoever in many nm mf runs/hell stony tomb runs. When would an act 5 merc be more useful than an act 2 merc?. Doomer Perspective 97 subscribers 72K views 1 year ago AURAS DO STACK ON THE MERCENARY!! I made this Auradin with an Act 5 frenzy Merc on Bnet. Pretty sure Dclone will also fall if you bother to gear for that fight. And hydras deal far more damage to mercenaries than players because they're affected by the PvP penalty. 4 #act5mercenary #act5merc Showcasing the act 5 mercenary alongside other summons as well as some gameplay w. D2R Best Map Reading: Farm Andriels, Countess, Mephisto, Baal.