Harry Potter Son Of Thanos Fanfiction Harry Potter Son Of Thanos FanfictionHe's a child and could die!" "Oh I know how far to push his powers I am a doctor after all. Suddenly whispers broke out though most of them seemed to have been aimed at Harry. It isn’t an easy road to recovery and Peter finds himself drowning in the waves of his childhood trauma. Latest Chapter on 10/16/2023 features Monet St. Lily woke up to feel a hand on her breast squeezing it gently. You behave properly and you will get as much pleasure as you like. Harry receives a letter from Magicis Creatura Academy. The strange tale of Sirius Black, a mischievous Gryffindor and notorious Marauder. He frowned slightly and adjusted the thought. Son of Poseidon, the Earthshaker, Stormbringer, and the Father of Horses. The child would either live or die. Harry Potter and the Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 1. Will not strictly follow the canon - Chapter 4-45] [2nd major world - Game of thrones - Chapter 47-105] [3rd major world - Marvel - 107 - 228] [4th major world - One Piece - 229 - 300] [5th mini-world - Star Wars - 302 - 329] [6th. Harry Potter: Heir to Ancient Magic. And it goes alright - until he wakes up the next day and finds a clear 'Avada Kedavra' right over his scar. Death refuses to claim your soul, along with your children's and both Malfoys" she mused and smiled as Draco whirled on Harry, who simply inclined his head and said "I made a deal with Death. Harry kept it up until he saw them both pass out from what he assumed was a sensory overload. This means that some fics may take a while to export. Son of Harry Does Different By: joemjackson. The Northern party quickly disembarked the Dornish ship which, Harry noted, quickly set sail afterwards. Black Family Madness (Harry Potter) Creature Inheritance. Dante Potter The Teen Titan, a Harry Potter + Teen Titans Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Alyssa Granger lost a lot during the war and so when her and Luna Lovegood are thrown back in time, it may just be a blessing in disguise. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. The kid snapped out of his shock after a few seconds and cried on to his father's shoulder. That's my little secret; I am a criminal's son. After altering JKR's books [and assorted fanfics] 250 ways HDD hit retirement age. Remus and Sirius realize they're in love and raise Harry. A young man with black messy hair sat down on the beach looking out over the small lake. Wanting to make her happy he took him. Natasha rested her head on her shoulder as Hailey buried her nose in the woman's hair. There is so much incest via Sirius, Regulus, and Harry - Regulus is Harry's biological father, alongside James, but James died in 1981 as normal. Now this wouldn't be so shocking if they didn't change to gold. "They were survived by their infant son, Harry James Potter. Master of Death and What it Means Chapter 5: Harry, Asgard. Harry tried to maintain it and get students out but he doesn't know if he succeeded or not. In the End, Tea, a Harry Potter. Read the most popular harrypottersonofhecate stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. " Draco found his wand after only ten minutes of searching, it was Hawthorn with unicorn hair. The Lost Son Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. The door of the shack flew open, and an old, grizzled man stepped halfway out. He supposed that was his connection to their friend from the Underworld. Then, a bright light erupted over Harry's head, and it took the form of a lightning bolt. Harry Potts and the Infinity Stones Chapter 1: The Boys. The Squib of the Potter family by Fantasy0205. Harry Potter, born into a rich and noble house spent his entire life shunned for being less than his younger sister Gloria 'Glory' Potter, the girlwholived. But what does is the tarnished memory of their mother burned into her brother's brain. Harry Potter/Thanos (Marvel) Thanos (Marvel) Harry Potter. The Dursleys don't exist in this one and Mrs. Death is but the Next Great Adventure, a Harry Potter + Avengers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction Rated: Fiction T - English - [Harry P. There are seven total “Harry Potter” books. But in another world, Lily and James decided to do something that changed their future and Harry's. Firstly, there will be spoilers for both Harry Potter and Fate/Zero. This was the third time Harry intervened with the life of mere mortals and this time it was due to curiosity. Ties of The Pure Death God Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. But this boy is about to unlock a staggeringly powerful ability. Although the other "Marauders"—Remus Lupin, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew—were all talented wizards, Sirius Black stood slightly above them. After the events of Peter’s kidnapping, he is trying to heal with his family by his side. Prince of Death Chapter 11: Hades' Tour, a Harry Potter. Time moved slowly as ever, but even a snail will eventually reach his destination. " The first book that chronicles the life of Anthony Black. Rhaenyra Targaryen was born great and would go on to achieve greatness, what she never expected was to have greatness thrust upon her. (fem!Harry, powerful!Harry, sporadic updates). Lost in a vast, underground system of caves, seven-year-old Harry Potter stumbles upon a glowing, blue cube that has lain forgotten in the darkness for thousands of years. Son of Morgaine Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. … Harry Potter had no fear of dying, but he had hoped to meet a peaceful end after a long, happy life with a family of his own. Cymopoleia Venus Potter – Laneya Grace (BLACK HAIR) Chapter 2: The Girl Who Lived: Just as Hestia was clearing her throat and about to begin reading, the door to the throne room opened once again, and a figure stepped in – someone they didn't. Disclaimer: DC Comics own the rights to Superman and all related characters and elements. This is set before Harry goes to Hogwarts and before Age of Ultron. deep down in his heart, Harry knew he didn't belong here. Marvelxharrypotter Stories. **HPS** "Where have you been?" Daphne asked as Harry approached her in the common room. Harry Potter son of Thanos. At 7 years of age Sirius rescues Harry and blood adopts him. Both couples would undoubtedly be dealing with an inconsolable youngest child on the ride home. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Harry's life has changed a lot over the past year, what with the return of his father, Thor, murder attempts by everything from HYDRA assassins to Elder Gods keeping him on his toes and making a few new friends. Meneris would help the boy, and the boy would be strong enough to withstand Meneris. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong (#1) Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. "My name is Anthony Cygnus Black, son of Sirius Black. Walking into the Green Robed, tall and imposing figure of Loki, the God of Lies and Mischief. Thor, Loki and Hadrian stood together at the top of the Avengers Tower. With another girls Wanda Maximoff and Bellatrix Lestrange whom also were soulmate of …. And a after a couple of years they got married. Also, this story will contain heavy spoilers for the Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan manga and what will be season 4 of the anime. You will a lot of texts similar. Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,879 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: Apr 1, 2022 - Published: Mar 27, 2022. If he was strong enough to live through it he would become his son. After the world is ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, Natasha Romanoff leads a group of 20 survivors all the way to England, where rumors suggest exists a Utopia …. I do not own anything belonging to Harry Potter or Marvel. These children are known as Transcendent Demigods …. Part 5 of To Hold The World In My Arms. - Chapters: 4 - Words: 1,743 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 44 …. Almost a week had passed since the chain of events leading to her current situation had been set in motion. After getting oaths from the adults he had given them his entire fortune. Harry Potter, Son of the Shadows Chapter 1: Truth in Death. "Haraldr has long been my father's. " Athena looked between Poseidon and his sons, as if trying to figure out a difficult problem. She sees the wizard she knew from her mum leave a boy on her doorstep. " Thor spoke fiercely of his older brother. Twenty years after it first appeared on shelves, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone continues to captivate, inspire, and prompt companies to start promoting Dumbledore Halloween costumes in August. Part 1 of Across To Elswhere; Language: English Words: 66,048 Chapters: 12/17 Comments: 82 Kudos: 182 …. After the world is ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, Natasha Romanoff leads a group of 20 survivors all the way to England, where rumors suggest exists a Utopia untouched by the outside. Bending down she gave him a smile, then the little kid asked some manga. 2021 Harry Potter Crossover Monthly Prompt List Response Fics, Fanfics I Wish Were Canon 3000 Stats: Published: 2021-11-01 Completed: 2021-11-30 Words: 18,179 Chapters: 30/30 Harry blushed as he saw the blond walk in front of him, deep in conversation with Candela and Blanche. A woman with short brunette hair, around Harry's age if a smidge younger, poked her head into the room. The boy was now a man, and the darkness was at hand, and destiny was reaching out with cold, unfeeling hands to take Harry Potter by the scruff. Help me be that Harry James Potter. It's months afterwards and unexpectedly, he's literally picked up off the face of the world and shoved into another. "Harry," Hermione's nudge made him look at her. Watch as this hero deals with the death of his Aunt May, conquer worlds and women, how he will remake the world into better, brighter, and. The majestic room stank of death and sin, making the God of mischief cringe inwardly. He was adopted by Artemis in front of the Gods. I'm currently working on the third of six planned works, so here's… Advertisement Coins 0 coins Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Ghosts of the Past Chapter 1: A Light Beginning, a Harry Potter. The boy was sleeping peacefully. Y/N was born to Thor and a woman named Sigvor. Thor argued along with them, standing up for that who once was his younger brother. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,288 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 371 - Follows: 275 - Updated: Mar 21. Disclaimer: Do not own supernatural or Harry Potter. Harry Potter goes through an early inheritance, courtesy of Vernons abuse. Rejection Hurts Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. Harry was about to wriggle down when Thanatos' hand gripped a little tighter. Well, at least he wasn't a toddler anymore. Action-packed and with a core fight scene, this is a short but sweet start to your fanfic journey. He couldn't quite feel his arms or legs, there was a certain numbness that he'd never felt before but on the plus side the scorching pain he remembered from earlier was gone. Through his selfless act, he becomes stronger as he defends two worlds while trying to find his place in the world. Vernon snarled; spit hitting the young wizard in the face. Should any ideas originate from a place other than the original Harry Potter books, Percy Jackson books or my imagination they will be referenced at the top of the chapter in which they are used. Crossover - Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English. I, Aro, King and ruler of the Volturi, claim the wizards, Harry James Potter and Severus Tobias Snape as per agreement of amendment 64" Aro stated the words clearly. Child Death POV Nebula (Marvel) Magically Powerful Harry Potter Male Character Referred To As Mother elegant Harry Potter Nebula has many memories of her Mother, and not …. Harry ">The Triumph of These Tired Eyes Chapter Thirty, a Harry. Gathering the last of his energy Harry Potter stood in defiance. Harry Potter, Son of the Shadows: A Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover. Betrayed and chased out of Wizarding Britain, Lily Potter takes her son and flees. Harry grew ever more introspective as he relived Dumbledore's death, the murder of Severus Snape, and his own ultimate demise. The first two months of school passed by in a series of utterly mundane events that none the less brought Harry great joy. The order of powers in the universe was changing indeed. It Has To Get Worse Before It Gets by sixty3rd_sunflower. The green-eyed man, Harry, made a move towards the gauntlet while firing a blasting curse on the ground. Family cared for one another, even at the expense of …. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light and he opened them to find out that he was outside. Chiron (Percy Jackson) Poseidon (Percy Jackson) Thalia Grace Clarisse La Rue Hestia (Percy Jackson) Athena Kymopoleia (Percy Jackson) Zoë Nightshade (Percy Jackson) The Hunters of Artemis (Percy Jackson) Gods and Goddesses (Percy Jackson) Tyson (Percy Jackson) Zeus (Percy Jackson). Loki pulled him away and looked at his tear-stained face. The mind of the so-called Hero of Hogwarts, the leader of the Light's rebellion against Voldemort's siege on Hogwarts and the Golden Prince of Gryffindor. Chapter 7: Fin Fang Foom! Lucius Malfoy was beginning to get worried. Any fics(crossover, or not) where Harry is just plain powerful. Dudley jerked his thumb in the other boy's direction. Finding family Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. Future crossover with Marvel comics with some mentions in the 7 years. Transliterations Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Thor Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. This is likely due to his age, pre-planning, and breadth of magical knowledge, similar to the Salazar Slytherin vs Voldemort match-up. " Harry put on a smile for his receptionist. He tore the book open and saw something that made him gasp. Instead of sitting with him, Sirius began pacing in front of Harry with nervous energy. Jade Potter (femharry) is the daughter of a god and a witch. In this fan fiction, Harry, Ron and Hermione are wizards and demigods. Ah, Sirius has arrived at the other side of the Black Lake, and so have you. His choices in life change events in the series in unexpected ways. He passed out with a smile, never noticing the cloaked man standing in …. He's the god Thanatos' son and he is blessed by Athena. Trinity Ascending Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. Rowling, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (Anime & Manga), Mass Effect Trilogy, Overwatch (Video Game), Portal (Video Game), Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic (Video Games), Soul Calibur, 原神 | Genshin …. Tony Stark made a move on towards the gauntlet but was blocked by Thanos. As much as Harry wanted to trust the honor of the. And the sources of those scars, the ones that reside deep inside the heart, are oftentimes the most brutal of all. If you are not caught up on the manga material, I urge you to do so. Ouranos Potter and the Blessing of Anonymity Chapter 2. There will be a pairing in the future for Harry. Thor was ecstatic to be finally getting his son back. Though at times, namely when in Asgard, he would introduce himself as Harvaldr Thorson. In fact he isn't even a son of Poseidon to begin with. (Title has been changed for The Son of Two) Harry Potter thought he was done with prophecy and destiny when he defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, but he was wrong. His parents were pretty much the only …. Potter her finds you interesting. Secondly, there will be heavy annotations, as is usual for my works. Harry opens his eyes and looks back at Arthur, who's still gazing straight into his eyes. The Unwarranted Hero Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. Harry Potter after acquiring the powers of MoD, suffers a huge tragedy and soon departs from the world and is reborn into Westeros as Harlan Stark, the younger twin brother of Robb Stark. Une fois l'erreur repérée des années plus tard, Harry est alors confié à un cousin maternel, Tony Stark. Amicus and Alecto screamed in agony as Harry and Lilith's eyes blazed with orange light. The explosion gave him fantastic abilities and rendered him immune to aging. He looks nothing like James Potter, but tremendously like Arthur. not the best at writing summaries. Eyes widened in shock when Banner, in his green suit, launched himself up and caught Stark as he fell, tumbling to safety and rolling to a stop. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Words: 2,584 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 64 - Follows: 43 - Published: 4/26/2018 - id: 12916694. For one, a couple months after he was born his normal baby blue eyes changed color. As he starts his first year at Hogwarts he finds out some well hidden family secrets. It would be nice to that it was a normal day as well, but given this world full of superpowers, Heroes and Villains, and typical, teenage, high school drama, any semblance of the word 'normal' has been proven moot. Rowling’s transphobic, racist and otherwise bigoted remarks and writings. The Long Lost Son Chapter 3, a Charmed + Harry Potter. Chapter 1 - A Visit to Gringotts. Ends up having sex with Harry and Harry ends up becoming a werewolf as a result. "Zeus is pissed," Chiron muttered. When he turns sixteen, glamours unwraps his true self and he leaves the Light to find his real family. They labelled Samuel Potter as the Boy-Who-Lived, and didn't spare a second glance at Harry, who watched with guarded eyes, more intelegent than other children his age. It was a quiet night in the neighborhood of Privet Drive, the stars were shining and the occupants were all fast asleep. Archive of Our Own">Parent Thor (Marvel). The Son of Thanos, an Avengers. A twitch of a finger and Loki was flung back into the wall of the dome they were in. "Thanos" Hel spoke softly and looked at Harry as if appraising him. Harry Potter, son of Aphrodite, is a demigod with a unique gift of love and charm. Harry stayed back as Natasha approached Barton and didn't even move forward when they engaged in a very hostile fight. Seeking the Master of Death Chapter 2 why are. It was well into Asgard's night by the time Harry, Loki, and Thor returned to Asgard, and yet both Odin and Frigga were awake, awaiting their return in the throne room. But no matter what he did, he was still on edge, like something could kill him at any moment. A bald beautiful woman spoke at the same moment that Lily spoke to her son. Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowlings. Lord Harry james Potter Black watched as his 3 children and Godson slept on the loungeroom floor. An unnatural color, that even James, with knowing which magical creatures were in his bloodline, was confused about. Moved to IGC shortly after starting school and graduated at age eleven by inventing artificial intelligence with humanlike behavior. Seeing Rowling’s transphobic tweets and comments laid bare, you may feel the need to set aside the Harry Potte. However, as it is MY story, some things had been changed :-the Potters (Lily and James) are alive - Sirius won't suffer in Azkaban like in the cannon - Harry has a twin brother (Wrong Boy-Who-Lived) -Greater Good/Manipulative Dumbledore. This is a SI, he is random guy that transmigrates in the body of Jaune with the power "The Gamer" I've read it a couple of times, it's very good. The Dark Lord's end came from a little boy by the name of Harry Potter. After all, even Mad Titans can't keep everything they love. Sensing Magic By: Teddylonglong. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light and he opened them to …. Finding that her nephew still exists, exposes an old secret that she tried to bury years ago. The Silent Bystander Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. For he had missed out on his only son and when he learned of the man, he was too late to do anything for him. FanFiction">A Titan's Soul and Memories Chapter 1 From You. Harry is still with the Dursleys right. This is my very first fanfic, so this is going to be very interesting for me. Heroes Assemble by Stargon1 After five years travelling the world, Harry Potter has landed in New York. Harry knew their silhouettes anywhere: Ron, Hermione, and their son, Hugo. Vernon yells out in pain at the slash and he steps back. Summary:: He is the son of the Corvinus Clan, hidden away in the Potter bloodline. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Harry Potter and 145,679 - Reviews: 1057 - Favs: 2,942 - Follows: 3,026 - Updated: 5/12 - Published: 7/13/2020 - Harry P. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). A teenage witch finds a book in her Aunt’s room before setting off for her sixth year at Hogwarts, the pages read a story true. Who would've thought that a bet with Kiba would lead Naruto into finding out about his family, who would've thought he would have such a family background, who would've thought his FATHER had such a background, certainly not the village, not even the 3rd Hokage, but look out Konoha, a new God Of …. Son of the one and only Thor Odinson. But soon, ancient secrets emerge along with enemies both old and new as darkness rises. "Yes, Son of Coul," agreed Thor with relief as Captain America and Dr. A bolt of energy shot through him from toe to wand tip. I stopped him with the symbiote for a time before giving back to Brock. A very different Harry grows up with his genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist father. The Kree Commander continued, boldly stepping closer. Summary: Harry Potter gets hit in the face with the Killing Curse, and is saved by his Mother's sacrifice. And how did Hadrian grindelwald have a return. Harry watched carefully, aware of the delicacy of this stage and while he had tuned out his spectators, he could practically feel their eyes boring through him. She gets up and quickly turns to see he was still sleeping. The Rise of Thanatos Chapter 1: A Hero Falls, a harry potter. Disclaimers: I don't own Harry Potter. Everyone in the Great Hall is incredibly excited and the Hogwarts feast has never before been this loud as the buzzing noise of students gossiping about the Tri-Wizard Tournament, who has put his name in the Goblet of Fire and who could potentially be picked as Champion is ringing through the. Completely AU, partly OOC, abused/blind!Harry at the beginning. Will the Avengers discover who he is? Only Loki knows what he looks like, and Death's chosen does not care to be a hero. There are few things better than having a cup of tea and watching a great funeral. I am sirimione32 am a big fan of the crossover Fanfics with Eric. Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk, waiting for Hagrid's return. Potter Manor, few months later. I actually haven't seen all of the Avengers movies yet, so. Watch what happens when Harry Potter was raised by the Egyptian God of the Underworld. It's Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. Dark or Light Life or Death by Tom M. Spider-Man and Loki never got to meet in the MCU, so this fic by “softlyblue. Rated: K - English - Horror/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 47 - Published: Jul 29, 2019. It was why she knew, that as much as she wished, she could not raise the child she had demanded Thor give her. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor - Harry P. " He mused out loud before shaking himself back into focus. The city around him was ash and rubble, its heroes crippled or dead. the raven smiled shadow falling over his pale features, a small cackle came from his Mouth. I wanted to bring you here right away but my counterpart, the ruler of heaven, stopped me. "Zeus' crotch!" Annabeth exclaimed, and no one bothered to correct her on her language. I've seen similar ideas elsewhere where Harry is somehow introduced to the marvel cinematic universe. The huge man had just come home from work, drunk as a skunk and in a rage, having just been sacked from work. He spent most of his time between his family amongst the Greek gods and Gabriel in the world that fought demons and Chaos in the void. The Son of Wolverine Chapter 1, a Harry Potter. How to Watch Harry Potter Movies In Order: See All 11 Movies. Ghost Whisperer (4) (4) Captain Harlock (4) Harry Potter crossover fanfiction archive. Narcissa Black Malfoy/Harry Potter. Harry Potter, Master of Death, knew better than that. I live with the Tonks, and this is my first year on Hogwarts. "Stark!" Steve shouted, forgetting the kid behind him and flung himself at Stark's side, flipping the man's helmet up to peer at his face. "Teach me what I have to know," he pleaded, looking deep into Sirius' eyes. James and Lily had an older son but after that fateful night where Harry defeat Voldemort, they neglected their older son for their more famous one. Together they go on a quest and get a little too close. ↳in which ares salazar riddle, the dark lord's son, has to choose between being the next dark lord or be with the boy he loves, who was supposed to be his enemy. Series: Son of Thanos (ongoing) This is a shameless plug of my Harry Potter x Marvel Cinematic Universe series. The Child of a Monster Chapter 1: Prologue, a Harry Potter. Placing his, hand on her chin, with a tight grip - he forced, her to look up at him. He wasn't always the best at this, proven by the six golden, mechanical spider-like legs that protruded from his back. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)78%. Also, I think I promised in the first chapter of Wolves in the Wilds that I won't pick up another story, and I swore it by my laptop's motherboard. The Frozen Phoenix Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic. A/N: This is very AU in a lot of ways, but there are still sufficient similarities between the two characters, so I thought I would try to do a fic where Harry wasn't James and Lily's natural child; instead, he was adopted by them after being shot from exploding Krypton by his biological father, the …. Harry discovers himself to be a Mage, a magical who can use wandless magic. Harry saw that the sack by the Lannister army was still showing its effects even a month after the act took place. Severus Snape was sent out to collect Harry Potter and introduce him to the wizarding world. Harry wants answers so he goes to the one man who knew his Dad best, Dr. But unexpected event may call him back to work. After the disastrous end of Harry's third year, Sirius and Remus scheme to lift Harry's spirits by sending him to the United States to learn to be an animagus. It was dark, almost nighttime, and …. Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage Chapter 1, a. " She grinned as she said it and kissed him on the cheek. "Harry!" Sirius' worried voice broke through the haze of agony, as the older man wrapped him in another hug. Harry Potter is Tony Stark's Child. Harrys stomach sank, and he thought his dinner was going to come up. In order to be a good citizen of the web, FicHub caches content and throttles the request rate on upstream sources. Harry Potter x Marvel: Son of Thanos. He wasn't cold, he wasn't hot, the air wasn't stale, but he couldn't feel a breeze on his skin. "Haraldr is the oldest son of Odin and Frigga. I'll agree, but light sessions only. Lords of the Houses of Peverell, Potter, and Black, will rule the Nine Realms and Asgard upon the death of Odin, God of Wisdom. Between Worlds: The Madness of One Chapter 28: 28. The second that Coal heard the snaps she became visible and got in a defensive crouch in front of Klaus and Ryson. LF Death Harry in the Avengers : r/HPfanfiction. Child of Prophecy Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Phoebe's eyes widened as she watched Harry start to materialize into the room. Harry Potter is the elder brother of Percy. Harry ducked, causing the two boys to punch each other. After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Death Lady Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Avengers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. It seemed to take longer than he remembered to reach the boundary of the Dark Territory. Humor, Romance, friendship, eventual tragedy. The shirt was wooly and loose on him. Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 32,785 - Reviews: 8. 22 year old Tommy Thurston was an agent of HYDRA known as the White Dragon in 1945, until he died in a nuclear explosion. Rise of Arcane Chapter 2: Son of Strange, a Harry Potter. Now all the teachers seem to decide that Harry's father was a danger and all pulled their stupid wands. It was a moment in time, as it hurtled through space, this changer of reality, towards its companion who had wielded a stone with the power to communicate with souls, and the wand had no idea about the power it wielded, for it had no mind. HPSS and other slash, a part of Kamerreon's Drabble Challenge'. - This is primarily a crossover between Harry Potter, Marvel Comics and Ancient Norse Mythology. net | Category: Harry Potter + Avengers Crossover | Rated: Fiction M | Chapters: 12 The fates could have worked with Harry Potter, son of James Potter but when the chance came to steer Loki into Lilly’s path so they might conceive a child together? That was an opportunity to tempting to let pass. February 19th, 2002 Little Whinging, Surrey, England No one took notice of the flying vessel that descended onto the English suburb. Seeing the Real You (it’s not what I imagined) In this final Spiderman fanfiction, we go to an alternate universe where our young hero meets the chaotic Deadpool. Net; Harry est le fils de Tony Stark; Harry Potter est placé chez son oncle et sa tante. When an arranged marriage between the Wizarding World and Atlantis is needed, Orm and Harry are the ones who agree to it, both of them hoping to gain something more than just political calm from this marriage. "The higher ups don't want you. A long running anthology featuring Harry Potter with various women in sexual situations, starting in 2015. Odin smiled at him before he sat down on a rock bench with Thor and Loki sitting either side of him as Harry and Frigga stood behind the bench. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Most of the residents of the street were fast asleep and the noise bothered them not at all. " "Your son? "He is my son," Frigga remarked, a hint of steel in her voice, threatening whoever the man was. After the Battle at Hogwarts, Harry Potter decided he's had enough, so he decided to call upon Death as an old friend. He struggled futilely as he watched the other male remove the sword and approach him casually. Only for him to be found by none other than Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, Grover Underwood, and Annabeth Chase. Neither could have a child with their respective partners. In order to fix that, 3 goddesses take over his life. Where the Potter family's still fighting a war against a Dark Lord that's ruling the world one muggle murder at a time. That is the main emotion going through everyone's hearts as they have just witnessed something many in their country can only dream of; the legendary split between the Founding Fathers of the school in which they preside and in which a legendary …. Ok guys, here I have a couple more recommendations of Self-Insert fics. An example of a flat character would be Mrs. Underlines=text on screens/words on pages. Better progress reporting is in the works. There was a dark history behind the Potters and they were hiding it. The killing curse brings his vampire bloodline to life. They Northmen and Harry quickly made their way to the Red Keep. The massive piles of Dudley's broken toys and the little furniture that had, according to Harry, decorated the room in years past had vanished, leaving only scuffmarks on the dust covered wooden floor. Harry Potter ">The War of Titans Chapter 1: The Arrival, a Harry Potter. ) Lily and James do a ritual because they can't get. Other crossovers are permitted at the author's discretion. Harry is the child of a maiden goddess (Artemis, Hestia or Hera)- Must (Accepted) Harry is accepted by his mother, and they eventually have a true mother-son relationship - (Accepted) Harry's old friends turn against him - (Accepted: Ron & Hermione) Evil Dumbledore - (Accepted) Harry and Percy have a close relationship - (Accepted). Ron was not there at the darkest times. Finally the figure stopped before Harry and pulled back its cloak. What happens when the failed curse brings something forward in Harry's Soul, that was supposed to have been forgotten? What happens when Harry remembers his old life of being Victor Von Doom?. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (The Bifrost-Asgard) Harry landed on his feet and quickly steadied his two girls "There you go" he looked around "So, this is the Bifrost chamber, cool" "Indeed Master of Death" Harry turned to see a man with chocolate skin and golden armor with a sword "You must be Heimdall, the all-seeing, it's a pleasure to meet you" Heimdall nodded "And you as well, Hadrian Potter, Master of Death and King. His expression, however, was much less telling as he looked Harry up and down with a faint air of appraisal. On Halloween 1981 the Dark Lord goes to Godric's Hollow to kill the One with the Power to Vanquish him. A mysterious immortal comes out of forced retirement and eventually helps a front line team. But, Odin is dead, Loki and Bruce were on Sakaar and have met Valkyrie. Harry bit his cheek and sighed, burying his head into the pillow and opting to sleep. [12] He was also the grandson of Henry Potter, whom he named his son after. A few years later, magic is gone and magical people and beings are dying off cause Gaia can't supply enough magic to them without Harry …. Fics where harry joins Voldemort : r/HPfanfiction. Suddenly the light came back full force and the house erupted in flames. The kidnapping of one Peter Quill set a bad example for other intergalactic bandits - 14 years after Yondu Udonta visited Earth, someone else tries their luck as well and manages to snatch away seven. FanFiction">Return of the Speaker's Heir Chapter 1: Suspects. While her son may also be Thor's, she knew better than most the prejudice of Asgard. "I am more than just a human! And you are now doing exactly what you sent Thor to earth for! You need to learn some humility. Ron Weasley glances at his friend. Just like first year all over again. He goes by the name of Harry Potter and he has a terrible home life. Loki kept his head down as the council of Asgard argued amongst themselves. Ella potter and the avengers by ElenaandGigi2020. Malfoy's wand was ripped from his hand and he was thrown against the wall behind him. Cries of Harry being the next Dark Lord, to whatever woke up on the floor was someone else appeared in the newspapers. He was powerful and strong yet lithe and agile. And… from the looks of it he may have had a worse life then many of the females in the Hunt and Amazons. Lily Luna was draped on Teddy's side and chest, while James and Albus had curled around each other. Harry sighed and with a short chant he placed his hand on the man's head, glowing grey for a moment before he pulled away. (^^) The air shivered in a way that she knew accompanied the use of magic. Harry Tyrell the counterpart to Harry Potter, born the second son of House. When he is finally found the game of the gods begins to come to its finale. The woman had been fond of James and Lily, and she couldn't shake the fear that something had happened to their son. A chanced meeting changed everything for both of them, a letter surrounded by his. The history of Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight BAMF Harry Potter; Children of Thanos; Ravagers (Marvel) Peter Quill & Harry Potter; Harry Potter. net | Category: Harry Potter | Rated: Fiction T Harry beats Thanos in a fight BY USING A SPELL TO GLASS ALL OF MARS Reply Dearest Son by Ifgrasswereblue. Within the house, the mother smacked a naughty hand away from the feast. " Lord Malfoy's gaze turned to Harry so fast that Harry was sure he would have a crick in his neck the next morning. Unfortunately it would be several years before anyone, even Harry, discovered the scar hidden under his unruly black hair. Natasha knew from the moment that they approached the location where Loki was causing trouble that the game had changed. She didn't know how many intergalactic prisons the elder Tamaranean had escaped from. I'm currently working on the third of six …. Death's avatar walks the Earth as an eternal observer, his story has long ended. Son of Chaos Book One Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the. Harry Potter, Son of the Shadows. Son of Lily Potter, maiden name Evans. His grandchildren were meant to rule the 3 kingdoms not some Dornish bastard, and knowing Jon Arryn's unfortunate history with wives and heirs, I wasn't really placing much hope in Lysa. Jotunn Loki (Marvel) Harry begins to have strange headaches out of nowhere and starts to have strange visions. Hail, Hermione Granger, Daughter of Persephone, Goddess of Springtime and Queen of the Underworld, Legacy of Hecate. Suddenly, a large popping sound rent the air as the lurid purple Knight Bus appeared and slowed to a stop not far from him. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,938 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 12 - Published: May 22, 2019 - [Viktor K. The Mind Arts Chapter 1: The Stage, a harry potter fanfic. There'll be peace when you are done. Raised by Wolfstar by Brandy Dunn. Rowling’s Platform Exacerbates Her Damaging Words. MoD!Harry Immortal!Harry Godlike!Harry. So he decided to call upon Death as an old friend. Sophia has to be brought up in an orphanage. Harry Potter: The Son of The Gods By: Hero-100. Part 1 of Son of Thanos Universe Next Work → Collections: Genuary 2021, High Quality 'Marvel' Fanfiction (Including Crossovers), High Quality 'Harry Potter' Fanfiction (Including Crossovers), Fantastic Crossovers and where to find them, Favorite Marvel fanfics, Mass Interest Stats: Published: 2018-08-18 Completed: 2019-07-14 Words: 113399. (includes fem harry) Under the Hunters Moon by saxcuL. So basically, Harry died via Hogwarts collapse because a delicate but important mechanism fell apart. "No, I cannot say I have seen him today. Son of Thanos Chapter 5: He Ain't Heavy, He's My. Severus looked to Albus in confusion, fear taking its place when the Leader of the light's face fell in despair. Hadrian Avaric, infamous child partner to a sadistic muggle serial killer, turns out to be Harry Potter, twin to the Boy-Who-Lived and son of war heroes Lily and …. Severus Snape: The death of Severus Snape was one of the most tragic in the Harry Potter franchise, but technically, Lord Voldemort didn't kill the man with his own hands. (Back on Earth) Harry was being bullied by a group of other children, yet no one could have predicted what happened next. " Thanos was caught completely off-guard as many of the famous Earth heroes appeared from nowhere. When she gives birth, her son is taken from her. Reading Poseidon's Secret Son Chapter 3: Questions While. One of the best parts of the Harry Potter films was getting to see the actors grow up along with their characters, and fans want that same thing in a potential sequel. As the Boy Who Lived, he lived a life of pain and solitude. I have three candidates from each Fandom which whom Harry could hit it off, but I am not quite sure who the lucky girl/guy will be. Young Harry Potter has always been unusual.