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Horror Sans X Dust SansReader-chan decides to play with herself, little did she know, someone was watching, and they wante Void [Nightmare X Reader] 35 parts. The thrill and excitement of watching a good horror flick can be an exhilarating experience. Nightmare Gang & Sans (Undertale) Murder time trio (Undertale)- freeform; Sans (Undertale) Papyrus (Undertale) Frisk (Undertale) Chara (Undertale) Killer Sans (Undertale) - Freeform; Xtale Sans | Cross (Undertale) Horror Sans - Freeform; Horrortale Sans (Undertale) Dusttale Sans (Undertale) Dusttale Sans/Killer Sans (Undertale) Summary. I hope you will support me throughout the whole book. As known by everyone Horror and Dust are in the same villain team with the rest of the Anti-Sanses. Sad Dreamtale Nightmare Sans (Undertale). Are you a fan of horror games? If you enjoy the thrill of being scared and love testing your survival skills, then you may have heard about the popular Granny Horror Game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Game Link: https://www. From the gorgeous year-round warm weather to the many exciting attractions around town, there are so many reasons people flock to the city. But, what happens, when new people come in your life. Farmtale Sans/Horrortale Sans (Undertale). … In his past, Nightmare was one of the kindest beings in the multiverse at the time. " I take Sans hand and we go to the old house. Search Xtha on music stores, including Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and many more, to listen to my songs!Spotify: https://open. Bad Sans Fanfiction Stories. There was a room in the basement that only Gojō Satoru could enter. all much to y/n’s dismay; who of which is already teetering with the responsibilities of running the tastelessly multicolored restaurant stuck within. sans aus react to horror sans+bonus. These guys were brand new, and already had lamia …. Even so, he is also physically stronger than Dust and Killer since he is the only capable of being able to rip someone’s arm off with the strength of an Adult Human. also Ink Sans and Error Sans are unobtainable. 【Undertale动画/中文字幕】Ink!Sans vs Error!Sans(第一部分见 …. He is also known as Tanker!DustDust or Hulk!DustDust due to his appearance and capability to withstand most attacks as a tank. Dust, he is a 23 years old skeleton, Dust isn't the talkative type but the two were like brothers, always fighting with each other but when the other needed to, the second was always there to help him. (Alternate timeline of the universe my other x reader is in)(au sans and papyrus x reader) Painting and dance were your life, your escape from a bland life, your way of coping. Undertale | Reader x Cross Sans x Ccino Sans Reader x Killer Sans Horror Sans x Dust Sans | Reader Cross Sans Romance Bad Sanses X Reader Plus Ccino Polyamorous Bad Sanses X Bad Sanses Au Sans X Reader As an officer in Ebott City, and a cafe skeleton's best friend, you weren't prepared for the night when everything …. A long long time ago, lived an //Sans&Papyrus' AU X Sans!Fem!Reader// Add to library 48 Discussion 6 Suggest tags. [Yandere sans au x reader] Female reader! Y/N is a royal, but she doesn't act like one often. 2 pages 1 day ago firedragon13. And, what would you guys think if I make a Horror Sans Oneshot after this book finished? There will be lots of Horror x other sanses or my headcanon about Horror. 119 pages August 15, 2021 Kitten. Caretaker Nootmare! We're leaving this city. Undertale | Sans Dust Sans Killer Sans Papyrus Cross Sans | Fanfiction Short Stories Death. Yet, she was sweeter than honey, always putting the needs and desires of others before her own. The sea destroyed everything the humans and monsterkind knew so far. Browse through and read or take horror sans stories, quizzes, and other creations. These guys were brand new, and already had lamia additions. Dust's pupils and Killer's eye sockets turn red. After a passionate night with a stranger, Nightmare, pregnant and alone, flees from the multiverse and hides away in the nameless AU his little one was conceived in. Fanfiction Romance Enemies To Lovers War Empires Kingdom Sans aus. Dust made an executive decision as the one with the most sound mind (which wasn’t a position he ever imagined finding himself in): he would stay with Nightmare until he recovered, and Horror would take Cross and Killer back to his world so they weren’t overwhelmed by further side effects. List: Palette (Ink x Dream) Sprinkle (Dust x Blueberry) Fury (Dust x Blueberry) Nightkiller (Nightmare x Killer). Undertale Ships by AGuardianOfDreams on DeviantArt. Horror Sans Is So Cute【 Undertale Comic Dub Compilation. My Echo ||undertale self insert||. Uses for stone dust include forming a base for pavers, forming walkways in landscaping and for remineralization of croplands. Personality Video Games Undertale Undertale Au Sans Au Villain Dust Sans Dusttale Bad Guys (Part 2/6 of talking with the Bad Guys) After meeting Killer, Nightmare's team doesn't waste time and soon enough you're invited to have a meeting with another member. Answer some questions and get your results- feel free to comment, leave suggestions or even message me! Also if ya want you can check out my other quizzes, I publish regularly ^^ Non of the art belongs to me. All Action Adventure Anime/Manga Fantasy Historical Horror Humor. In order to maintain custody of Abby and Ruby, he begins working as a night watchman at an abandoned themed restaurant: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. In fact, dust mites capable of surviving on surfaces for. Sans is Not Okay (Undertale) Sans (Undertale) Needs a Hug. local Disconnect_Metatable = {__index={disconnect=Disconnect_Function,Disconnect=Disconnect_Function}}. Even if they have to get violent to achieve that goal. What Are Some Uses of Stone Dust?. Dust's fiance is Blueberry Cross's husband (/wife) is Dream Nightmares boyfriend is Killer Horrors boyfriend is Lust Errors husband (/wife) is Ink Samuel, Scrooge, and Dar Completed. [Cover art made by NUVEX] Y/N, a girl in her early twenties finally moves away from her toxic parents, FINALLY! But opp- guess who just moved in with an even more toxic roommate! After a while of living with, said toxic roommate, she meets a skeleton named sans. DustBerry/Dust x BlueBerry/Panic Pills/yaoi +18?. NINGUNA DE LAS IMÁGENES ME PERTENECE ⤴Créditos a sus respectivos autoresCanción de la intro:Cuphead Theme(SCRATON REMIX) Canción de la outro: STRANGER …. These adrenaline-pumping virtual adventures are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, heart pounding, and palms sweaty. Sans And Reader Fanfiction Stories. Despite her harsh an *COMPLETED* (Y. The shrub with flowers that she protects is home to all things Altertale Sans x Reader! 18+ *Sin*. Sans/Sans (Undertale) bad sanses poly - Freeform. Killer Sans X Reader Fanfiction Stories. The child pitter patting on the pavement is you, an Nightmares are still dreams too. Horror Sans v Nightmare Sans v Dream Sans Horror Sans x Nightmare Sans x Reader Horror Sans & Reader. Unfortunately, it seems his new home poses just as many risks to his unborn baby as the multiverse. ly: Horror sans x Dusttale sans. Explorar; Paid Stories; Editor's Picks; The Wattys Horror sans x dust sans - o amor e a insanidade. Yeah, maybe they were notorious criminals, but they were all they had. As you can see, KillerDust is the main couple of this story, and sometimes the Chara x Reader. But someone caught wind of that, one not of good intent. "NOT WITHOUT YOU, SANS!" I cried. Found in homes all over the world, dust mites are estimated to be a source of allergies for nearly 20 million people in the United States. read the title Come join me and our amazing adventure through the many Ships and even many Multiverse AU's like DreamSwap and NaJ No sweat!. custom Reaper sans x Dream sans Horror x Geno Nightmare x Lux (lux is the child of cross and Dream) Student!/Teacher! Nightmare x Teacher!/Student! Cross. Ink and the other sanses were just having their meeting when suddenly they were pulled in to a portal. The next day you stayed laying in your fatal position on the ground hugging yourself, no life in your eyes. Dtale!Dust!Horror!Sans Aliases True Horror Relatives Papyrus (brother) Affiliation Murder Biographical Information Marital Status Single Date Of Birth Unknown Place Of Birth Unknown Date Of Death Too many times Place Of Death Too many places Physical Description Species. From utopian compounds to UFO religions, the world’s history has no shortage of cults and their controversies. Phantom Paps makes an appearance to be his shitty self. Underswap: DISTRUST by siki_AU. (RP) Sanscest/Papycest/Fontcest. 1K 6 15 von herobrine448 Teilen -Dust's View-. FLAME EYE! DUST SANS ~ SHATTERED LIMITS. Jo (oc) Dr One (Ut sans) Dr Fang (Uf sans) Dr Blue (Us Sans) Bandit (Bitty) Jo who starts as an over worked and underpaid human, working in a factory that sorts and cleans linens for hospitals finds two Bitties on the work belt she takes them home and then Tad bit of a slice of life where one is dealing with a pair of Bitties One a Edge who. I made another Horror Sans X Reader book Called "Horror Sans X Reader ~ A Savior" But I was unhappy with. He normally has white pupils on both eye sockets. Her kindness and persona caught the eyes of many, but she never held interest in romance …. Fury is a very quiet and sneaky person, he likes to gather information to blackmail people into doing what he wants. The Murder Time Trio is based upon the "Bad Time Trio", but the members being different AU Sanses that are considered to be bad, and/or evil. And being a college freshman, you definitely need a way of coping. There are also Base Coloured MINI’s. ( (OLD)) You are a 19 year old girl and your living with sans and the star sans + error, when suddenly your life changes quickly. A Young Man named Mike Schmidt looks after his ten-year-old sister Abby and his thirteen-year-old adoptive sister Ruby. Chaos reined, slaughters happening throughout the kingdom of innocent people. And hey, after this last summoning, she won't have to worry about bills anymore--for more reasons than one. Horror Sans Needs a Hug (Undertale) Suicidal Thoughts; Suicide Attempt; Murder; Language: Dust, Horror, Killer, and Cross watched from the background in worry. Soulbonds took different forms for many- for some. However once he manages to do it, he finds himself growing different feelings for his twin. 15 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanfic by Squid 56K 2K 39 When Ink is exploring the au's, he stumbles upon a new au where he meets a new friend …. 【Undertale动画/中文字幕】三重疯狂时光/Murder Time Trio. The manor is real, the sofa he has left scratch marks i Killer x Cross When a Mafia boss falls unexpectedly in love with a total stranger. Undertale | Reader | Fanfiction. Horrortale!Sans x Reader: Don't Be Afraid. Underfell Sans x Reader Lemon. Horror sans mentioned - Freeform; dream è spagnolo e usa nomignoli spagnoli per il suo boy; Summary. Undertale | Dream Sans Ink Sans Cross Sans Swap Sans Dust Sans Horror Sans Lust Sans Reaper Sans Fanfiction Fantasy. But luck's never been on her side, and being His Summone. He has been modded in by LiterallyNoOne, a YouTuber previously known for Megalovania-related remixes. Default New Newly published Popular All time Relevance Category. Horror!Sansがイラスト付きでわかる! Horror!Sans(ホラーサンズ)とは、UndertaleのAU(二次創作)作品『Horrortale』にて登場するサンズである。 【注意】この記事にはグロ・ショッキングなどの要素が含まれている為、苦手な方は記事を読まない事を推奨します。. A singular Partycrasher that got transported to somewhere else, somewhere that wasn’t the Backrooms. Dust!Dtale!Sans was doing his normal thing of killing the human since they have been fighting for so long. Romance X Reader Blueberry Sans Underverse Evil Sans. You are shy, 16 and don't have many friends. Sans x Reader Smut and Oneshots. Sans denies all of this, but you can hear Sans' descent into madness through the Echo. ) Her only happiness in this world is the Sanses included will beClassic, Swap, Fell, Swapfell, Ink, Error, Dream, Nightmare, Dust, Killer, Lust, Horror, and Fresh. Fanfiction Romance Platonic Romance Reader X. " "Oh, that is not good for you. Murderous Desire {Dust x Reader} by Haru. But what will happen when you fall in love with two skeletons. She, however, is the first Aileana to be pulled, but this universes Aileana's name is. Family Friendly Activities in San Diego. 4K Views horrordust horrortale dusttale horror_sans dusttale_au epiczx horrordust_sprite HorrorDust sans Sprite Credits : Horrortale AU : Sour-Apple-Studios Dusttale AU : Ask Dusttale HorrorDust : ???? Sprite by : EpicZX (me). Lust Sans Fanfiction Stories. "Oh, look who decided to show up!" Error's glitched voice said as soon as Dust arrived. Horror!Sans by:https://sour-apple-studios. Stack-Dust Trio Phase 1 [OUTDATED REMASTER] HateLeader122. Sans (Undertale)/Original Character(s). Undertale | Reader Swap Sans Dream Sans Nightmare Sans Horror Sans Killer Sans Dust Sans Cross Sans Romance Sans X Nightmare gets prego thanks to you male reader, for putting in an eggo inside him. A short story about Equestrian!Sans, youngest sister to the farmtale brothers, and her adventures and daily activities! Some will be simple and quick entries, others will be long and drawn out. You shouldn’t have claimed the mountain. Published: Oct 3, 2020 25 Favourites 7 Comments 4. Horror Sans (or your choice if nothing comes to your mind with him) comforting their S/O after a long day of surviving in a post apocalyptic world? Sorry but apocalypse stuff makes me uncomfortable Or rather writing for it. Music from the game:Megalovania - https://www. I ran through the marshes of Waterfalls hiding within the darkness of the caverns. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, also known as GTA: San Andreas, is one of several installments in a popular video game series. " Horror bit back a comment about how his soul wasn't exactly prime merchandise either, simply swallowing down the words and placing all of his available focus solely on his partner. Quickly scrambling yourself from your thoughts, you gazed your eye's to the shop doors. Your parents don't have time for you and your siblings due to their business one of your brothers is at college, one of your sisters only hangs out with her friends, and …. Human Sans X Reader Stories. Browse; Paid Stories horror x classic x dust dust x classic sans. Height now: 5'2 Height as an adult: 5'5. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Ink squirmed in response to Lust's question. He forgets his original purpose, and kills everyone, including Papyrus. Ultra Dust Sans Fight by ttmok_000. He killed his brother, Papyrus. 33 pages January 30, 2021 ToastyChiki. 6K 90 by funlifeofanime621 Chaos reined, slaughters happening throughout the kingdom of innocent people. Advertisement You step out onto the sun-drenched patio to enjoy what's left of yet another stellar summer day. Dad he say take Papyrus and go to a old house. Dusttale Sans/Killer Sans (Undertale). You're on a mission, running a. View, comment, download and edit dust sans Minecraft skins. You’re wacky, you’re weird, you’re a social outcast. Especially Sans aus, only sans aus. A female wolfwalker owns and operates a small cozy café while having several secrets that she keeps. Everyone had a Soulmate, somebody to complete themselves, and fill in the empty spaces in their life they weren't even aware they had. " You were just an average young adult getting by. MurdererDust Sans and Papyrus Battle Version. Undertale Yandere | Reader Horror Sans | Fanfiction Humor Romance Sans Au Horrortale Sans X Reader. There’s something about the horror genre and the medium of video games that gels so well. DeviantArt Facebook DeviantArt Instagram DeviantArt Twitter. My version of Murder/Dust Sans used the Canon Dust Sans abilties while also using the Fanon Dust Sans abilties. Studios I'm Following View all. Killer Sans is the protagonist of the AU series Something New by Rahafwabas on Tumblr. His clothes are covered with the dust of those he killed. [Evil Sanses X Skeleton!Reader] A skeleton was created in a void with no creator. Browse through and read sans x y n stories and books. His close friends consist of Loki sans the child of (horror x killer), Desire sans the child of (horror x lust) and abyss the child of (killer x horror). #horror sans #dust sans #farmer sans #dusthorror #horrordust #horrorfarm #rottencrop. The other one already had 112 parts, so yeah Wonder how far this one will make it? # cherrberry # cream # errink # kustard # …. Dust Sans; horror sans; Cross sans; murder sans - Character; Killer Sans - Character; Nightmare Sans; bad sanses; Nightmare’s Gang - Character; Killer Sans (Undertale) - Freeform; Dreamtale Nightmare Sans (Undertale) Dusttale Sans (Undertale) Horrortale Sans (Undertale) Worship; Biblical Allusions (Abrahamic Religions). "I can show you this ship not over or under but through it!~" 🎵. See more ideas about bad guy, undertale, undertale au. You are the guardian of neutrality. Don't watch the video recite the turn 10. Undertale | Reader | Adventure Fanfiction Horror Undertale Au S Female Sans Sans Aus Papyrus Aus Sanses X Reader In a world, where a skeleton girl named Y/N or Sans lived happily with her brother, until a portal came and sucked her in. But one night he appeared out of nowhere becoming prince and as for his older brother? No one knew what happened to him,. Horror x dust the story (pt 1 of ?) August 29, 2022 Eclipse says I'M NOT FROM TSAMS. Dust x killer x horror lemon. Fanfiction Romance X Reader Bad Sanses Bad Guys Demons Skeletons Summoning Rituals Magic Nightmare X Reader. He shushed me and looked around, making sure we didn't alert Chara. Once called Teens for Christ, The Family International is a cult still recruiting members today. Dust sans sees ghosts; You see ghosts; Isekai; reader is isekaied; Child Death; Reader is reincarnated as horror sans; Reincarnation; No Sans/Sans (Undertale) No Smut; No Sex; Apocalypse; Zombie Apocalypse; Casual Cannibalism; Reader is named; you - Freeform; Original Character(s) You left your world like mid apocalypse; lucky you I …. Horrortale X Reader Stories. To pay her dues to the d Sanscest Rp. Sorry it's short I'm under a lot of stress. Mystery Poetry Realistic Romance Science Fiction Short Stories Supernatural Thriller « All stories. 1K 199 by funlifeofanime621 Requested by: goththesin ~ Horror and Dust continued to violently converse, occasionally throwing objects. As an officer in Ebott City, and a cafe skeleton's best friend, you weren't prepared for the night when everything would change. The both of them create a close bond, and Nightmare explains how t Completed dream killerxhorror dustxkiller +22 more # 2. What if you finally get taken into a family, that actually LOVES you. After turn 6,your progress will be saved. You earn eligible points toward elite stat. DustTale Sans: *sigh* what's your favorite color. #dust x blueberry #dust sans #dusttale #dustberry #blueberry sans #underswap sans #us sans #horror sans #horrorfarm #undertale sans #horrortale #farm sans #farmtale #sans human #human sans. Ganz is pretty much only here for the vibes +Mel. He asked as he walked over to lust. With the ability to immerse yourself in a virtual world, VR gaming can provide a level of fear and anticipation that traditional gaming just can’t match. Undertale Yandere | Reader Sans Toriel Frisk | Horror Romance Papyrus. I ship it, to lazy plz take the quiz, it took me three days TwT. Dream X Ink Fanfiction Stories. 5) [] Horror!Sans gets killed by Chara. You are kidnapped by Nightmare and his gang for a torture toy, but, unexpectedly they all slowly get soft with you. (1st book) Once the world went down. Dust Sans Fanfiction Stories. Y/N is the Guardian of nothingness. (Bitty! Nightmare Sans X Reader) Fanfiction Stories. Once upon a time, there lived two princes. What happens when you meet anoth. DeltaDust!Sans was once a power-hungry Dust!Sans who, in an act of desperation, absorbed the Bravery soul to finally defeat the human. See more ideas about horror sans, horror, horrortale. sancest one-shot's(requests opened)sin included - cross x nightmare hello everyone I'm making a one-shot book for all you sinners, you can request a and ship even if it includes a papyrus ship so enjoy this book. Canon Sans vs Fanon Sans : r/Undertale. It's been a year, but what happends when you come home from work early, and find Dust playing with Reborn as Sans from a different au. Epic!Sans vs Dust!Sans 03:22 Tricky vs Sans 03:22 Tiky和Sannes (Tricky vs Sans 的其中一个结局) Dust!Sans vs Horror!Sans 03:22 三重疯狂时光/Murder Time Trio 00:40 Killer!Sans vs StoryShift!Chara 03:24 Epic vs Delta Reboot的重拍计划(预告) 01:01. He has a large crack on the left side of his skull, Sans voluntarily extracted his power eye, for the sake of monster-kind. Fanfiction Romance X Reader Married. Jun 18, 2018 - Explore Shyanne Bailey's board "Dust x Horror" on Pinterest. Rain of Dust (Phase 1) [] Horror, Dust and Killer are all set to kill you. Horror dust - Freeform cross - Freeform Nightmare killermare - Freeform Crossmare - Freeform Krossmare Criller - Freeform Killer x Horror - Freeform Killer x Dust - Freeform …. Are you a thrill seeker looking for a bone-chilling experience? Look no further than free scary horror games. Browse through and read or take horror x dust stories, quizzes, and other creations. Bitty X Reader Fanfiction Stories. Horror then put lust and himself in a position where horror was on top of lust and made lust easier to access. According to legends, the Dragons have always reigned over Heaven and Earth. You always been the golden child, the nicest, the most perfect human to exsist, loved by millions, adored and treated like royalty even though you are not Your perfect life wasn't the happiest for you, and it all changed when fate brought a punch of skeletons to you, you've never been happie. 『ATSV X FEM! READER』— a quaint little hole-in-the-wall diner in the country's biggest city is unexpectedly greeted by the beloved arachnid masses. And not to mention there’s suddenly monster, a witch, an. However, many women have also taken leading roles as writers, producers and directors of hit horror films. When Sans woke up, in Snowdin, he retained his madness. Browse through and read or take dust sans x blueberry sans stories, quizzes, and other creations Nightmare, Error, Dust, Killer, and Horror, Raspberry, Cross, Ink, Blueberry, and Dream all fell inlove with you cute little neko …. Personality Video Games Sans Sans Au Undertale Au Horror Sans Killer Sans Dust Sans Swap Sans Yanderes are obsessive stalkers. "We're gonna have a MAD time!" – Murder!Sans when challenging the human Murder!Sans (also known as Dust!Sans) is a Sans OC from the AU Dusttale. com/Dust!Sans by:https://ask-dusttale. I saw a ship names Red Strings but can't find out who is in it. Now you're stranded with the "Bad Sanses," who honestly don't seem that bad. The other one already had 112 parts, so yeah Wonder how far this one will make it? # cherrberry # cream # errink # kustard # sanscest (Horror x Dust) 4. It is survival horror, after all. Dust x Horror Sans von herobrine448 DU LIEST GERADE Dust x Horror Sans Fanfiction One day see Dust Horror Sans a Human kill. Basically, Sanscest shipsOn crack. When visiting your friend at a …. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Determination: Decimal HP, Refusing to die, Dust blaster, Bones can be red or purple, Blue magic, Orange magic, Gaster's aid like last breath, Lightning attacks from Mettaton, Laser attacks from Mettaton, Fire magic from. They are an amazing Undertale Comic artist. Dust doesn't seem too thrilled to meet you. Sans, along with his friends seems ve. (Y/N) (L/N) came into the world, growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth. You and your sister, Fae (18) moved into a nice, calm, and quiet town, after an accident with your parents and brother. You frowned at another Bitty Bones ad that popped up on the game you were playing on your phone. Lust moaned louder and louder until horror got the g-spot and horror chuckled thrusting into lust. game Anime bad time Undertale sans blue Sans Undertale Ink Sans frisk Nightmare sans au dark Sans (Undertale) Chara. How to Make a Dusting Wand. "I love ya' kiddo," He whispered. Horror Sans Needs a Hug (Undertale) Suicidal Thoughts; Suicide Attempt; Murder; Language: English Series: Horror comes back in at the same time as Dust. Undertale Reverse Harem | Dust Sans Nightmare Sans Killer Sans Horror Sans Reader Cross Sans Fanfiction Horror Romance Au Undertale Aus Bad Sanses Dreamtale Dusttale Horrortale Xtale You are kidnapped by Nightmare and his gang for a torture toy, but, unexpectedly they all slowly get soft with you. -Dust-Sans- hasn't shared any projects. 157 pages Completed May 28, 2022 zak. You always dreamed of leaving your dead end town you lived in. Pin by ~•Liza•~ on Undertale. (Sans au x reader one-shots) “welcome to my world friend! Where nothing goes wrong-“ As you see on the title this is a one-shot book for Sans Au(+some ship children, Frisk and Chara sometimes) I use this book to let out all my ideas of short stories, and I welcome you to this aesthetic world as all. X-Dust Sim Complete X-Dust Sans Simulator (My Version) (W. Americans seem to go crazy when picking up electronics at big discounts over holidays. I awoke out of bed panting and sweating bullets from that nightmare. Forming a male ecto-body, he lined himself up with Ink's entrance before pausing. Today we are going to be reacting to Undertale: Dust!Sans vs Horror!Sans [Animation]!!!Welcome to my gaming rection channel, where I react to the weirdest, w. Ever wanted to talk to the tragically misunderstood murderer that is Dust Sans? Now’s your chance. At first she would run away out of fear of not even knowing his name. Reader | Fantasy Romance Killer X Reader Dust X Reader Sans X Reader Nightmare X Reader Blueberry X Reader The Bad Guys and the Star Sanses fell inlove with you! Yup, Nightmare, Error, Dust, Killer, and Horror, Raspberry, Cross, Ink, Blueberry, and Dream all fell inlove with you cute little neko girl!. Honor is a cool name [INSERT IMAGE] 》Taipan《 Killer X Dust. com/games/7614984216/Update-Undertale-Project-AMusic used:https://www. Dust!Sans vs Horror!Sans [Animation]Animation: Nec DrawsMusic: Ashes | Dust Sans Theme | Dusttale AU | Jinify Original: https://www. Nov 8, 2019 - Explore Horror Sans's board "Dust X Horror" on Pinterest. Little Murdertime Trio, the second part to my little star sans quiz! Y/N gets dragged to another place, this time not so welcoming, the snow has blood strains everywhere and the only monsters left in the AU are three little murderous skeletons. Nightmare X Cross Fanfiction Stories. Horror sans and Dust sans. He eventually had found the ones which were Horror!Sans, …. My tentacles laid limply at my sides, as my gaze slowly traveled up to the top of the stairs. How Long Did the Dust Bowl Last?. In fact, some movie distribution companie. Action Adventure Fanfiction Undertale Aus Bitty Bitties Bad Sanses Horrortale Dreamtale Dusttale. Error X Fanfiction Stories. Read Swadmare (SwapDream!Dream x Nightmare) from the story (RP) Sanscest/Papycest/Fontcest [Volume 1] (Complete) by Err. See a recent post on Tumblr from @cult-au-askblog about Horror sans. You also have to physically go into this online book to find out more. Hopeless [Nightmare sans X female by PastelMelon~. Horror had gone missing one day, without a word and without a trace, leaving Dust all alone. So now you live life in a cell, hair terribly long, Maybe Y/n can suck up their pride. But as you lazily take in the view of the hor. But just because you can’t glimpse them with the naked eye, doesn’t mean they aren’t wreaking havoc. Another option is for fans to wear regular clothes and bring several props. Browse through and read or take x bitty reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. The lack of grasses and waves of drought during those years resulted in the topsoil being blown away during strong winds, creating massive dust storms. Use it to dust things up high such as crown molding and fan blades. Nightmare could be a patient skeleton when he wanted to be. They would cry, burning fingers gripping at your face, pulling. *Sanscest roleplay! (and ocs!)*. the artist that made all the comics shown is enderparty101 go check them out and show them some love^^https://enderparty101. Cross’s wing jerked, smacking Killer’s chin, making him curse. He looked up and saw the other Bad Sanses sitting at the table looking at him. But some bitties were sold off like gum, like yourself, with your luck. " You turned and shook Sans hand. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. After an accident you struggle with your speech and remembering certain things. Undertale | Reader Sans Grillby Papyrus | Undertale Aus X Reader Underswap No Beta We Die Like Men Skeletons Papyrus Sans X Reader Monsters had been living on the surface for two years now. I make a shipchild of my OTP Horror! Sans x Farm! Sans (Oira). But going on a mission together has really changed their perspective by Cherry_チェリー. This is the Offical Dust!Verse Main Wiki. Fanfiction Romance Supernatural X Reader Sans X Reader Undertale X Reader. This character is based off of the original Sans from Undertale. Nightmares gang were at his mansion chilling out when they hear three loud bangs at the door, they opened the door to find the star sans', lead by Ink, in floods of tear You know the drill. Murder!Sans (also known as Dust!Sans) is a Sans OC from the AU Dusttale. And the worst of all…this happened because of an idiot, that looks just like Sans. You use to have a happy family but your mom die by trying to save you from the car crash. Those of you that like happy endingsshall be better off finding a better book, for this is how the Empire age fellalong with its people. Fury (14, confirmed) Sprinkle aka Sprinkles, was born from the ship Dustberry (swap!sans x dust!sans) who is often confused on the path to take in daily life. O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** …. See also: Sans (disambiguation) “i'll make sure that i'm the ONLY one who finishes the job!” ― DustTrust!Sans, At the Beginning of Phase 1. [Sans AUs x GN reader] Add to library 127 Discussion 50 Suggest tags. Numerous sockets focus on the source of the sound: You. I'm trying to make a master list for AU Ship Children. They would do anything to get their obsessions affection. Xem thêm ý tưởng về dễ thương, hình ảnh, cá hồi. Anyway you'll be a different reader each time Dust Sans x reader LEMON 18+. Sans x Reader // A/N: Warning! This xReader contains depressing themes! Read at your own discretion. Adventure Fanfiction Humor Angst Sad slight depression Undertale Undertale AU Dreamtale. Dust:Dust!Sans是Økse的父亲。 Horror:Horror!Sans也是Okse的父亲。 Glasses:同父异母,Horror和Fresh的孩子。 Lurro:同父异母的兄弟,Horror和Lust的孩子。 Loki:同父异母的兄弟,Horror和Killer的孩子。. Once he learns he is able to travel to other AUs, he starts there to feed his hunger for LV. One day you get that chance to get the adventure and solve that mystery you always dreamed of. (WARNING: SWEARING, POSSIBLE GORE SUBJECTS!) A girl named Asria moves back in with her fellow …. "Don't worry I won't kill you". It would be a pleasuring to see you wide eyed in horror as you see your power over this Empire meet it’s …. Horrortale Sans/Underlust Sans (Undertale) Ink's Paints Turn Into Meds In The Real World. From the classic monsters of the early 20th century to the modern-day psychological thrillers, horror movies have evolv. If a monster didn't already have a partner, they may be too embarrassed to look for one in their state. Common is in for a interesting day. And now we have a fucking addiction. 他喜欢做烤鸡。他和Glasses住在Horror tale。Økse在丹麦语中是斧头的意思。 关系. MMD] Dust Sans and Horror Sans. Dust!Sans vs DustTrust!Sans. Killing one monster isn't enough EXP for him to defeat the child, though, and oddly enough, the resets don't send him back to LV one. You meet the bad sanses and you will have a friendship or more with their leader, Nightmare!Sans. In this model, the solar system formed out of a cloud of dust in a protoplanetary nebula known as a stel. Living With Maniacs! (Bad Guy Sanses +Oc) 157 pages Completed May 28, 2022 zak. Dec 5, 2018 - Explore Lovely_dayforus's board "Dust sans" on Pinterest. When you moved, you and Fae decided to check out the new town. Explore the Terrifying World of Free Scary Horror Games. Sancest One-Shots #2 Random The second book. good or bad meme/Gacha club/ sans meme{horror x Dust x swap}. I accept Lemons,fluff and maybe even OC X (your choice of sans). mighty creatures inspiring praise and awe. Dusttale Remastered, a fully scripted psychedelic and mind-blowing mod for Friday Night Funkin'. Sans sprite by Tmntleo15 (but i edited it) Wings sprite by Toby Fox. horrortale; dreamtale; allaus +7 more # 12. Sans is considered to be the mascot for UT3DBB as he is seen in the majority of pictures for the game and Official Trailer. At the end of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, actress Jessica Chastain—who was serving as a jury member—said that she found the portrayals of women i. I love to fukin rp pl Plz don report Where stories live. Fanfiction Humor Romance Undertale Aus Sans Aus Sans x Reader Classic Sans. Other characters will make an appearance, and EQ will interact with them! Part 1 of From the Horse's Mouth. Thanks in part to this popularity, there are multiple ways to play the game. this resulted in Sprinkle having a LOVE of 15. After genocide he remembered all of the genocide timelines after injecting himself with prototype DT then went on a lust for death he killed everyone and took the DT he got his old hoodie since his skull is broken he decide to break his hood do have a hole in it just like his head and he got LV 40. Sans is one of the main characters in UNDERTALE. I know I'm missing a lot of ship children, so comment a AU ship child that is not on the list if you want. Tears fell down my face non stop has my hand clenched my neck. com/games/10003166916/BETA-Dusty-Dust-Sans-Fights-RENEWED. Add to library92 Discussion 74 Suggest tags. Error Sans; Dream Sans; Ink Sans; Dust Sans; horror sans; Killer Sans - Character; Underswap Sans - Character; Blue Sans; King Multiverse Sans; Shattered …. Typical high school sanscest story with heaps of messages about mental health and the necessity of homework. O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Betrayed by the humans she once cared and protected, Gatria's hatred knows no bounds. If you are one of the people that actually read this, RESPECT +This was full of fun to record especially the editing part 'cause of the music😅and ofcourse c. You are a human who ended up in the void, somehow. In the fanon version, the explanation of this is Insanity somehow got control of them. When visiting your friend at a coffee shop, you run. Mar 3, 2023 - And also nightmare, cause he falls into the bad guys thing. com) (This is platonic AU Sans & AU Papyrus x reader ) Add to library 1. A breath of pure air cut out from existence. And the struggle to nab that gift at a low, low price can make people go even more berserk. He is a Sans (also known as Canon!DustDust) who had turned himself into a demon-like monster, which as a result of his universe glitches. I love tis ship [INSERT IMAGE] 》Desire《 Horror X Lust. Promises (Sans AU x Shy, pacifist reader) [SLOW UPDATES] 49 pages September 25, 2022 Y. Horror x Dust Dream x Nightmare Abyss x Cross Gaster!Sans x Chesstale Evil Club Roles. I like the touch of the use of capital letters - left Sans only uses non-capitalized letters [canon], middle Sans uses them once and only once to put emphasis on that specific word [headcanon], right Sans uses them every text box [complete fanon]. Even if Dream believed in peace and tranquility, even. Browse through and read or take dust sans x blueberry sans stories, quizzes, and other creations. Will anyone get rid of the grey covered soul, or will her soul forever be incinerated by ash. Dusttale Sans/Underswap Sans (Undertale). Dust from the Sahara makes its way around the world with both positive and not-so-positive consequences. [Cover art made by NUVEX] Y/N, a girl in her early twenties finally moves away from her toxic parents, FINALLY! But opp- guess who just moved in with an even more toxic roommate!. Undertale au| Reader Dream Sans Nightmare Sans Shattered Dream Sans Horror Sans Dust Sans Killer Sans Fanfiction Romance Au Non Binary Reader Shattered Dream …. //Sans&Papyrus' AU X Sans!Fem!Reader//. Ding! The (F/C) bell rang over the coffee shop doors. Actually, Horror!Sans has shown to be, although at a lower level, much more powerful than your everyday Sans. Numerous skulls look up sharply. View all by Yet Another Undertale You Tuber Creator; Follow Yet Another Undertale You Tuber Follow Following Yet Another Undertale You Tuber Following; Add To Collection Collection; Comments. Hello everyone and welcome to my first one shot book. The sun’s voices chorused before you, singing out for you, lulling tones honey coated so viciously it slid down your throat with ease, bile brimming with rapaciousness. "Names Sans, Sans the skeleton. " Join yourself on the journey to discover yourself and regain your memories---and meet familiar skeletons along the way. Sad Dreamtale Nightmare Sans (Undertale) One Shot. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. It's a good thing you asked me that question ! I had this on hand and since I didn't have any Halloween ideas Here we go :3. That same child was abused by her new family. They looked at each other and growled at the thought. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. Dust Sans x reader LEMON 18+ by Texter Female. And in that moment, I will not cry for you. Sprinkle is cannonly in a relationship with Loki. Killer walked in a few moments later and they stopped, hissing and muttering under their breath as they glare from afar. 关于Nec But Animator的要求: (之前和Nec联系的时候 Nec说暂时不会来B站 目前只在Youtube发布视频) Nec But Animator允许你改动性的使用他的作品 只要你标注了出处(指配音) 但如果是重新上传请先问过Nec But Animator. Saharan Dust: The Good, the Bad and the Gritty. Learn how so you can start playing to. Browse through and take dust x horror quizzes. They grew to be good friends, then he got corrupted. You have some black substance that's cover half of your soul. When he finally breaks free, he's willing to do whatever it takes to stay out of the chains of a puppeteer. This was a perfect souvenir for tonight's visit! Closing the drawer again, he took one last look at Ink and then teleported back to Nightmare's castle. Dear God help this child [INSERT IMAGE] 》Feral《 Horror X Dust-Holds a CROSS- hehehe [INSERT IMAGE] 》Honor《 Horror X Geno. HorrorDust sans Sprite Credits : Horrortale AU : Sour-Apple-Studios Dusttale AU : Ask Dusttale. Nov 4, 2020 - Explore Killer Sans's board "Horrordust" on Pinterest. She thought that they all had a reason that they were mean. Horror!Sans Vs Dust!Sans (Pivot Animation). Anyway you'll be a different reader each time Altertale Sans x Reader! 18+ *Sin*. Killer Sans (Undertale) - Freeform. But luck's never been on her side, and being His Summone Show more featured. After being taken in by the Star Sanses, she didn't know that there would be more Sanses awaiting her Maybe a couple of Bad Sanses. The main character Aileana is pulled through a portal into an alternate universe where more than one version of Sans and Papyrus have also been pulled. Nightmare Sans X Reader Fanfiction Stories. YOU ARE READING (RP) Sanscest/Papycest/Fontcest [Volume 1] (Complete) Adventure. Anyways DustTale Sans/Dust go frist zzZ. Dream knew this better than anyone. 8 9 … 58 59 Next → For the Forgotten Ones by Im_Sorry_Buddy Undertale (Video Game) Not Rated Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings No category Work in Progress 17 Oct 2023 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Sans & Sans (Undertale) Ink - Character Sans Ensemble (Undertale) Nightmare - Character Nightmare Gang (Undertale). You may not be able to skip a turn again. But even so, it does not matter how much power one has, there are always weaknesses. Y/n is taken away from her universe, everything she worked hard for was taken away from her by a blink of an eye. She was abused, bullied, and above all, betrayed. "His sockets flutter open as the back of his hand connects with solid bone, and suddenly everything is real. You had been there for a few years now, mostly for the fact of you being either returned, or because nobody really wanted an adult bitty, well that was until you met the skeletal brothers, they decided to a. 模板:Bleh-Killer!Sans是由Tumblr上的Rahafwabas创造和拥有的。 往事. Romance Science Fiction Undertale Aus X Reader. After a hard recovery time from recovering has left you with Haphephobia, fear of being touched. Dust sans sees ghosts; You see ghosts; Isekai; reader is isekaied; Child Death; Reader is reincarnated as horror sans; Reincarnation; No Sans/Sans (Undertale) No Smut; No Sex; Apocalypse; Zombie Apocalypse; Casual Cannibalism; Reader is named; you - Freeform; Original Character(s) You left your world like mid apocalypse; lucky you I guess. The Starless Being || Sans AU's x Amnesiatic Reader. Portal Jumper is a side story of Ethos Aspect set between the events of the 2nd and 3rd books in the series. Dream had been looking for a way to get his brother back for so long. Children and adults alike go missing in a small town in New Jersey, quickly rising suspicions to the Gardenna family causes them to be under watch, yet all father wants to do is bake is signature strawberry pies. 26-06-2023 - Khám phá bảng của Cross!Outer sans"dust x horror sans" trên Pinterest. He grabbed my shoulders, bending down to look me in the eyes. do you wanna have a bad time? 'cause if you visit this page you are REALLY not going to like what happens next. This is a story of a Zombie apocalypse which the sans au's go through, following in the perspective of either nightmare, Error or a third person dream. Sans (Undertale) Reader; Dreamtale Nightmare Sans (Undertale) Dreamtale Sans | Dream (Undertale) Dusttale Sans (Undertale) Horrortale Sans (Undertale) Xtale Sans | Cross …. To their horror, they had heard rumbling outside their bedroom. Undertale | Sans Papyrus Frisk Toriel Flowey Chara Undyne Alphys Temmie Y/N | Adventure Romance Sansxreader Undertale Fanfic Fanfic Sans Frisk Toriel Papyrus Action. Favorite Projects-Dust-Sans- hasn't favorited any projects. Fantasy Friendship Freedom Angst Fluff Humor. Sans X reader oneshots []Requests open![] Fanfiction. Killer X Reader Fanfiction Stories. List Ship Children between AU Sans (Incomplete List, Help). // ~~~~~ It was nearly one in the afternoon when a bleary eyed figure hauled themself into a sitting position on their bed in a dark, dreary room with the curtains of a small window tightly closed to prevent the sunlight from filtering through. Explore the Best Flowerfell_sans Art. it took my 4 months to make this thing and I don't know how long I can keep updarn I'm exhausted,I'm gonna take a a break or a nap or whatever that makes me. But, one of the stars sanses think you are in danger and try to "save you" and you will be captured in the bad of the stars sanses, not worry, the bad sanses search you. Undertale | Reader | Adventure Horror Undertale Au S Female Sans Sans Aus Papyrus Aus Sanses X Reader X Reader In a world, where a skeleton girl named Y/N or Sans lived happily with her brother, until a portal came and sucked her in. It actually came pretty handy most of the times. Animação feita por:https://youtube. We basically spent a week fucking In different places including outside. During their time with the skeletons, they somehow manage to really catch Papyrus' attention; So much so that he very quickly becomes obsessed. Horrorsans Stories Refine by tag: horrorsans killersans dustsans nightmaresans errorsans crosssans dreamsans inksans undertale swapsans sans undertaleau badsanses lustsans blueberrysans dreamtale sansaus starsanses fellsans horrortale 946 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 HorrorFarm- A Love That Grows by CaptainPluffer 32. Tangled Up (Y/n x bad sanses) (platonic) Undertale Tangled | Dust Sans Dream Sans Nightmare Sans Horror Sans Killer Sans Cross Sans Y/n lived a normal life. One day, war broke out between the two races. One was loved by all, the other was hated by all. Cross’s feathers fluffed and he rumbled a soft apology, turning to reach for Killer, but his much smaller mate simply hissed at him to turn around. Quotev">Ccino Fanfiction Stories. com/TrumpyrusPATREON: https://www. Before Nightmare got corrupted he meet a young hybrid named (Y/N). 14 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanfic by Squid 57. Copied; Likes (11) Comments (16) Copied; Likes (11) Like 11. Killer Sans - Character; Dust Sans; horror sans; Cross sans; Nightmare (Character) Nightmare Gang (Undertale) bad sans poly - Freeform; Angst and Feels; Self-Hatred; Self-Esteem Issues; Self-Harm; Body Horror; Mabey Body Horror? Depends on how you feel about bones; body image issues; Non-Consensual Touching; Dusttale Sans/Horrortale Sans. This mod completely redoes Boyfriend's vocals and replaces them with his own. Cross Sans X Reader Fanfiction Stories. Read Dust and Horror? from the story Dust x Horror Sans by herobrine448 with 1,138 reads. By saving a mysterious skeleton and drawing the attention of a street gang, you're thrown into a world of problems that circles around you and your friend'. Enjoy the quiz! ~•~ {I came back and edited the questions and answers, it's pretty much a …. You move into a 'normal' neighborhood, (With your royal guard, and trusted advisor/informant of course) and find that your neighbor's are skeletons. 250 Horrordust ideas in 2023. Made by Cade-Engine (Director, Writer), MrSaddy (Head Coder, Artist), T. I first discovered the world of adoptables by… being in the undertale fandom 2. , Dust!Dtale!Sans ,who would do anything to stop the human, absorbed it and then the timeline reset itself but something had changed. To stop the human from killing everyone over and over, Sans is forced to increase his own LV. "You are my shining star--the love of my life. "I am the true horror of this world " Dtale!Dust!Horror!Sans saying it to himself After genocide he remembered all of the genocide timelines after injecting himself with …. Blueberry x Dust Fell x Sans Killer x nightmare Horror x lust. Add to library 3 Discussion Suggest tags. horrordust horrortale dusttale horror_sans dusttale_au epiczx horrordust_sprite. [Sans AUs x GN reader] Add to library 128 Discussion 43 Suggest tags. (Editor's Tip: Don't just spam your counter even IF it works, at low dodges use Counter then Slice so they go through the void. Dust mites are a very common trigger for allergy symptoms year round. Demon Kings are nothing short of a death sentence. This is a story of a Zombie apocalypse which the sans au's go through, …. She's your average bookworm and mathematic fanatic. Dust X Blueberry Sans X Fell Chara X Frisk Nightmare X Cross Outer X Killer Ship: Horror (Dad) X Lust (Mom) Gender: female. Error!Sans vs Nightmare!Sans [Animation]Animation: Nec DrawsSound effects: Undertale, ()Music: https://www. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The child pitter patting on the pavement is you, an Browse through and read ink x nightmare fanfiction stories and books. Please sign up and the person who sent you this invite will be rewarded. somewhere that wasn’t the Backrooms. DustDust!Sans or known as Tank or Hulk!DustDust is a Sans created by Carno-Power that originate's from a DustTale timeline called AshTale, the au features Sans killing everyone for EXP but then a glitch happens that kept Sans at 20 LV, despite a RESET happening. -This book will be written poorly # crack # funny # idk # random # sanscest # undertale. Horror movies have always been a favorite genre among film enthusiasts. Sick of airborne dust while you're sanding? Here's the Simple Solution! Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest View All Guides Latest View All Radio Show Latest View All Podcast Episodes Latest View All We recommend the best pro. While Horror see's Dream as a totally cutie and a possible love interest. Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Major Character Death; Rape/Non-Con; Dark Cream; Crossmare; Dreammare; Hatemare; Shattered Dream - Character; Nightmare - Character. Just For Fun Video Games Sans Au Horrortale Dusttale. Add to library 427 Discussion 117 Suggest tags. After finally managing to kill Frisk permanently in a genocide loop, y/n is left in his timeline as the only survivor, drawing the attention of both Dream and Nightmare underswapsans. Can Dust and Horror Sans clear? Becomes Dust in Horror Sans be? Will someone reset printing? More not. DustDust!Sans is a Dusttale Sans AU character created by Carno-Power. In a last minute feeling of regret, they try something unbelievable. They had a decent and stable way of living. - Dusttale Snowdin (possibly timeline #667) Hyper Dust Sans, also known and shortened to HDust Sans (From the Victory/Death count in Determined 7) is a very well-known boss in Undertale 3D Boss Battles. Undertale | Y/N Swap Sans Papyrus | Fanfiction Romance Swap Sans X Reader Blueberry Sans X Reader Underswap Sans X Reader rav·ish /ˈraviSH/ verb 1. Undertale Papyrus X Reader. I need you the most and most!!!:). "Oh a whoopie on a cushion trick. The girl was taken away to survive the attack. They promised you security, passion, love. (合集)Dusttale dustsans 1~3阶段FUll ost尘埃sans. Feb 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by ~•Liza•~. DeltaDust!Sans is a murderous out-code character created by Trigger!Maniac. Save yourself! Don't worry about me!" I shook my head, tears pouring out. Undertale | Sans Fell Sans Nightmare Sans Nightmare Gang Horror Sans Killer Sans Reader Cross Sans. it is said that every century the rulers of each country, or even village should give someone to the dragon so …. This spine-chilling mobile game has gained a massive following since. Growing up in the Omega Timeline has left you with little to no life experience with the real worlds out there, however, one thing you did know. And you seem to have caught their attenti. "Better a life like a falling star, brief bright across the dark, than the long, long waiting of the immortals, loveless and cheerlessly wise. He had set out to search for members of the trio. Birds sleeping, flowers closing, and the sounds of a child’s feet pitter-pattering on the damp pavement. Crazy Bitty Lady (Undertale Bitties X Reader) 293 pages Completed December 12, 2020 I. Discover more posts about dust!sans, killer!sans, nightmare!sans, undertale au, murder!sans, cross!sans, and horror!sans. He is a Sans that committed his own series of Genocides to the point that his soul becomes as powerful as Chara’s. The child pitter patting on the pavement is you, an. Read the most popular badsanses stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. But what will happen if someone from her past and a few skeletons show up? …. Jan 30, 2021 - Explore vernon crawford's board "dust x horror" on Pinterest. Add to library 189 Discussion 312 Suggest tags. Until, of course, he found him in a random AU, content and living his best life. You should have listened to the warnings.