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Mit Vs Berkeley RedditBerkeley's program is for 10 months and the tuition + living costs are $90,000. You can submit an application next year just to see, if you wanna just see what happens. I feel like you may as well just apply. TheBanker April 30, 2013, 3:48am 19. UC Berkeley for pure math : r/gradadmissions. UCLA Architecture : r/berkeley. This has benefits such as exposure to diversity but on the other hand it is easy to feel lost (especially in the competition of CS, one of Berkeley's largest majors). Both prices include tuition as well as room and board. I'd pay in-state tuition for Cal, but CMC gave me a 15k/year scholarship and I could potentially interview for a full scholarship. Nobody knows exactly what happens after you die, but there are a lot of theories. Berkeley CS is one of the best in the WORLD- and the classes are hard but organized well. Berkeley is better for college kids. Tons of faculty, all of which are very accomplished and doing cutting-edge work. UC Berkeley : r/ApplyingToCollege. On Reddit, people shared supposed past-life memories that made them believe reincarnation could be possible. Both institutions have a long history of academic excellence and innovative research. Here, CS is a means to an end, where the end could be social good, art, or (admittedly) money and power. Haas is nothing like the typical Berkeley experience. I believe their actual ranking is evev not in t30. 03) are more introductory, the kinds of classes taken by 1st/2nd year physics majors, rather than the courses the professor is probably referring to at Berkeley, which would be upper. Several business club projects & competitions. MIT is more rigorous with fewer classes because they’re equivalent to graduate level offerings at MIT, and are a lot more transferable if you want to go to grad school for a related program. An article on which colleges tech companies recruit from most puts Berkeley at the top. The major currently has 1341 students, and while I'm having a hard time finding a number for UCLA, I somehow suspect it's smaller (even though the two campuses are the same size). He said if you're an A+ student level (Berkeley/MIT standards) you should go to Berkeley. They are better ranked and their EECS program is notoriously cutthroat. UMich is a great school, but Berkeley and LA are better (in terms of prestige and academics). Posted by u/Ask_Admission - 6 votes and 8 comments. Real estate is often portrayed as a glamorous profession. What I not like about UC Berkeley is that there are so many homeless people on the streets. MIT also attracts entrepreneurs, and the companies MIT alums have started earn roughly $1. 19dmc99 • Econ & Data Science '21 • 3 yr. Cal's Computer Science program is literally one of the best in the world, so of course the admission rates to those individual majors will be lower than the average. At the end of the day, most engineers don't rely on what they learn in school - they learn on the job. Business, Economics, and Finance. The student experience between Cal and UC Hicago is massive. Is UC Berkeley Really A Good School? : r/ApplyingToCollege. A first year postdoc will make about 48,000 $ as per the NIH recommendations. I’d say Brown - get out there and go explore! -calbears- • 3 yr. I know that GTech admits tons of students in each year because it’s an online program and the bar to get accepted is pretty low. Cal only houses ~30% of its undergrad population, so there’s not guaranteed housing after freshman year. Unlike Twitter or LinkedIn, Reddit seems to have a steeper learning curve for new users, especially for those users who fall outside of the Millennial and Gen-Z cohorts. UIUC’s program is from its engineering school. There are numerous cross admits; I’m sure many choose M&T and MET. MIT I’m super stoked about my admission to UCLA, but I’m still kinda bummed about my MIT rejection (4 year long dream 🥲). As for the people, Berkeley is filled. Actually, the MIT ocw courses you listed (8. go for undergrad CS: Berkeley or Caltech?. But I know Cal Poly has a lot of hands-on learning, and someone told me that engineering managers in CA would much rather hire a graduate from Cal Poly than UCB. My cost of attendance at all of these schools is similar, so that's not a major deciding factor. 2 in best colleges for English studies and is. Plus: Consider the pros/cons of Stanford and MIT being elite private schools while Berkley being a public one; consider your weather preferences for. Are Police Case Numbers Open to the Public?. proportionally, you’ll have access to way more resources than berkeley students. Berkeley has offered around half of tuition, and Harvard and MIT around ~27k/year each. Getting into UC Berkeley's Graduate Math Program : r/berkeley. CMU CS vs Berkeley CS (not EECS) Hello! It’s usually tied for first place with CMU/Stanford/MIT. UC Berkeley: 35% Carnegie Mellon: 31% MIT: 30% UCLA: 28% Johns Hopkins: 27% Rice: 26% Penn: 25% Stanford: 23% Princeton: 22% Columbia: …. MiT was always my dream school I asked if 1 year was enough to find a job and all alumni have found jobs before finishing the program. Vandy vs Harvard+MIT in Data Science? : r/Vanderbilt. You’re wrestling with a tough question: “Should I go to UC Berkeley or MIT?“ UC Berkeley chances …. Undergraduate education at MIT, Caltech, Princeton, and Stanford is much better in comparison. STAT: I roughly divide the 15X courses into theoretical classes which are basically math classes and actual applied stats courses. I am looking into studying mechanical engineering and I am torn between these two schools. CS students may end up branching out to distributed systems and security or whatever, but there’s good reason for AI/ML being the hottest topics for incoming freshman. Mountain_Celery_5823 • 2nd Year • Additional comment actions. One of my Econ professors told me if I was serious about Econ, to apply to Berkeley. That’s to say, there’s a subreddit for virtually every topic — or you. Thank you for your input! I also noticed UC SD’s course equivalent is condensed into about 3 months vs. hi all, i just saw this forum when i typed "mit vs berkeley graduate eecs". On the other hand, Berkeley would cost around 80k. The extreme case was 6 students with 2 instructors. That was true then as it is true now. Program - Berkeley gives great latitude in terms of course work and ties together interdisciplinary subjects. Boulder has a decent amount of stuff to do. UChicago, is no longer, the place where fun comes to die. Cal Berkeley or UChicago for molecular biology : r. MIT vs Harvard : r/University. Personally, I don't think Berkeley Lower Div math classes have as much rigor as other universities (especially considering that you're a math major so likely would challenge yourself to honor courses) like CalTech (requires all freshmen to take proof based physics), MIT (math majors complete courses like 18. Berkeley's greater emphasis on social impact is also really attractive to me. Imo I think MIT>Stanford=Berkeley=CMU Again, can’t go wrong with either as you’ll get too recruitment opportunities at all of these schools. Since grades have come out and an influx of posts followed, post all your questions/comments here! not in cs70 but honestly with how many posts get made for every cs exam, the mods should just put up exam megathreads for popular classes during midterm/finals season. Princeton is stronger for math and physics, so if changing majors is a possiblity then that might be worth considering. The size of the undergraduate school at Berkeley (30,000), is twice as large as Uchicago combined, grad+undergrad (15,000). You'll have better opportunities at Berkeley, on average. Social life is more enjoyable in the Westwood, Santa Monica, dtla area. They go beyond just the aspects of coding, but also the electrical engineering layer that supports computers in the first place. Maybe things have gotten better at UCI, but I distinctly remember Google. MechE) then EECS is heavily favored. There are a ton of cool applications in classes like 126, 172, 174, 188. Definitely fits the bill for product management roles. My issue with them is not necessarily that they spend the an incredible amount of time covering things that won't be on the test, but rather they way they cover subjects that won't be on the test. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit According to the UK government, these are the most elite American universities. MIT, Caltech, Princeton, Stanford, or UC Berkeley. Berkeley CS situation is BS … or at least I. I'm applying for junior transfer to Berkeley, Standford and MIT this fall. Berkeley: more theory focused faculties, funding is a headache sometimes, location is fine but less safe/fun than Stanford, LNBL may have some fun projects, best industry relationships. Either way you will be taking classes taught by giants in their field. If it weren't for Berkeley, I honestly don't know if I could get into a CS program as good as Berkeley's anywhere else (Berkeley's CS is perceived as strong as MIT CMU Stanford etc). Career outcomes will be similar though, salary might vary a little. On that note someone on this forum said, f you are MIT legacy they will hold you to higher standard without giving you preference. The EECS program has a heavy focus on "sciences" (science requirements, lots more technicals), and the L&S CS program focuses a lot more on the arts (7 breadths, writing requirements, less technicals to declare major). Choosing a community college in the East Bay: Berkeley City. again I think youve been watching too much fox news, where colleges are. 00) The typical actual cost that students pay to attend (average net price) is less at University. UCLA will challenge you, but it’s also very social and cooperative. Generally, police case numbers are not open to the public. UC Berkeley was founded in 1868 and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Both are great schools and both will be heavily recruited. Scratch is a free, online programming language developed by MIT that allows users to create interactive stories, games. CS 161 (Raluca Ada Popa, Nicholas Weaver): Rating: 8. 8high, t5 undergrad, applied in late october, no interviews. My top two are Stanford and UC Berkeley. For the doubters, here’s a random list of PhD students I found by visiting public lab websites. And would definitely do it again. ChemE PhD MIT, Stanford, or UC Berkeley : r/gradadmissions. Size of *cohort* As u/AnMETStudent mentioned already, edge here to M. Every single one of them guarantees free tuition for "low income" students. Even a "less prestigious" university like UIUC has produced alumni who have created YouTube. 00$ lower tuition required? 41 300. But fr, 6-3 only = 3 so it pretty much comes down to student life, NorCal vs SoCal, etc. The Berkeley program, for example, costs about 60,000$, the program at the University of Illinois. AI ML Certification at Berkeley. The MRSD program includes computer science, and business coursework around robotics, and can thus help in an industry-based robotics career. Berkeley is a state college, Stanford is private. Haas: 269 out of 840 Berkeley students (32%) admitted with an average GPA of 3. Data 140 is the hardest class in the stat department. Cal is not MIT, but you wouldn't pick Cornell over MIT just because Cornell is in the Ivy League. Official transcripts will still need to be submitted to UC Berkeley upon completion of the coursework. You can also use many of the stat15x courses for the “computational and inferential depth “ requirement. I'm generally interested in algebra & geometry/topology (mostly on the algebraic side). Itsalrightwithme • PhD '06 (6) • 9 yr. Harvard is also world famous, but not particularly for CS or engineering. If it were me, I would go with San Francisco- more public transportation options (MUNI vs. Caltech vs Berkeley CS? : r/berkeley. Especially on reddit where people come to vent (which is totally fine) you might hear more negatives than positives. If cost is the same this should not even really be a question. MIT vs Harvard vs NYU vs Columbia vs Berkeley Master. The metamorphic ones are the best. At work, no one care you're from Berkeley or Davis. Adjusted to inflation with 2019 as a benchmark, 2 years after graduation, the median CS grads from Berkeley (EECS+CS) make $118,500 while UCLA grads make $95,800. If anything, Berkeley may be better. Overall, I'd put USC last by far, as it's regularly confused by east-coasters as the University of South Carolina, and by west. UC Berkeley vs Johns Hopkins vs NYU? : r/ApplyingToCollege. In six months, you will gain foundational as well as advanced knowledge of ML/AI along with insights into the business applications of these technologies from UC Berkeley's world-class faculty. Stanford MSCS and UCBerkeley EECS MEng : r/gradadmissions. This comes at the cost of working your ass off for the next 4 years. But, you’re smart enough to know that numbers paint a terrible picture for truly understanding. High demand majors for freshman include: Art Practice Operations Research & Management Science Computer Science Political Economy Data. They invested like 20k in my professional development in year 1. If you want to work in the US, a PhD from MIT, Harvard, or Berkeley will probably be more desirable than a PhD from Cambridge or Zurich. wanna explain how that’s easier than the 6-8% acceptance rate for CS out of high school smart guy? stanford has a transfer acceptance rate of 1%. Canic has half as many questions on the midterms with the same amount of time, and with lower difficulty on average. One thing to consider is, Brown is very undergrad focused. MIT or Berkeley for engineering? : r/ApplyingToCollege. CMU is seen as part of the elite 4 in CS, which are Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, and MIT (though Caltech most def also on the same level). Many students at both programs are very interested in entrepreneurship and tech. Your background sounds like you could get into HBS though Bc of MBB. By contrast, 61A is an amazingly run course, though the workload is probably higher than E7's. In its pure form, platinum is not magnetic. Money: Berkeley gives merit scholarships, CU doesn't. We are quite active on program slack channels - ranging from the latest news, cyber security techniques, class. For my first year, I am at the Oakland campus with an option to move back to the Boston campus starting sophomore year. The drop deadline at Stanford is Week 8 with a W. I was admitted to both Princeton and MIT, and I'm really struggling to decide between the two. 27, 2008, the Berkeley Reddit page r/berkeley has become an open forum for UC Berkel. Please take 61A since you already know Matlab. But choosing between the two of the most accredited universities is highly tough! Here is the ultimate showdown between USA’s most popular universities– MIT vs UC Berkeley to help you pick the best university!. Obviously they’re good, but Berkeley, CMU, MIT and Stanford have been the kings of CS for years. Also, CS189 has some Matlab programming, whereas 154 doesn't. 61 series were hard but they were a good introduction to what CS was, and as hard as that declaration process was, I really appreciated this opportunity. This logic doesn't make sense at all. Expect to pay for those before you can even attend class. I was a double major in the humanities- 21C (Comparative Media Studies) and 21L (Literature). MIT being a private school with a very prestigious reputation attracts an applicant pool of an extremely high caliber (avg SAT: 1530 vs avg SAT: 1470 for cal). Outside of going to a top ivy league or Stanford, you just can't really compete in terms of a well rounded/worldly education if that's important to you. Berkeley makes you pay 1500$ for a room in a run down moldy apartment owned by a convicted sex trafficker (look up Raj Properties and Laki Redi Balireddy). CMU, MIT, and Stanford are - internationally - as good as it gets for a CS undergrad who wants to go into industry. For more details, I got into Calpoly with a statistics major and also received the Frost Scholarship which basically gives me a full ride. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in December 2016, Broad’s lawyers argued that the two sides invented different things. Both departments commissioned their series to teach the material the way they thought it should be taught. Data Science : r/berkeley. - Music 140, Music 146B for upper divs. I've heard UCB is super cutthroat and doesn't care much about its grad students. Affirmative action has been illegal in California for a long time. Can you compare which of these programs is the best (to the best of your knowledge) for a Phd in …. Cornell is around $65,000 and so is GT. Both have great name recognition. Really good hot dog stand near campus. In fact without feeling strongly about both I …. The student-faculty ratio at UC Berkeley is 19:1 and 52. Helping you find the best gutter companies for the job. CS at Berkeley is better than every single Ivy (Cornell comes close but its not equal to it). I know MIT is the more prestigious school, but I love Berkeley's campus and the Bay Area. Due to this, the DS major have its domain emphasis. We're from California but they are hoping to work one day in New York so that's why NYU seems appealing. Industry/startup culture I'm most aware of MIT/Stanford but again Berkeley would definitely get you in the door for interviews for competitive internship opportunities. Most importantly, prestige schools focused students on starting their own businesses and the glory behind that, while rigor schools carried more weight in the eyes of employers. I know folks at the computer security clubs at both schools, for example, and while MIT people love talking about theoretical advances in cryptography, Stanford people love talking about the political and. 11 Best Gutter Companies in Berkeley, MO. Carnegie Mellon consistently ranks among the top universities in all fields of computer science, along with Stanford, MIT and Berkeley, but unlike these universities, CMU does not produce a large number of technology entrepreneurs and unicorn founders. Absolutely no data is involved here: Oxford is the most prestigious, followed by Cambridge, Harvard, MIT*, Stanford. No it is not! $72K per year for Berkeley is not worth the expense compared to in-state at UT, even if you have the money. Petitioning Out Of Math 53 : r/berkeley. I got more aid for Cal but it costs more as well. It is generally accepted as the #1 public university in America and overall ahead in UMich in academics. It's hard because it's the most fundamental class for a statistics (or data science) major. “The Berkeley brand is unsurpassed in Asia,” shared a representative of Berkeley Haas. However, I'd have to take out a decent amount of loans, probably around $70,000 - $90,000. That's what this college application process literally is: a massive pain in the ass, where getting into an 'ivy' or MIT takes priority over literally everything. vs Berkeley CS (not EECS) : r/cmu. Stanford vs Berkeley Physics PhD : r/stanford. Berkeley pumps out like 2500 CS grads a year now, stanford pumps out a few hundred tops? From a resume screening standpoint, stanford has a lot more signaling weight. Berkeley’s transfer admission rate for CS was 4% this year. In terms of feel of general campus, Stanford is much nicer than Berkeley, but Berkeley has more stuff to do. I will be visiting MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley in the upcoming visiting weekends for the Chemical Engineering PhD program. UC Berkeley has one of the most highly-regarded CS programs in the entire world, along with the likes of CMU, MIT, and Stanford. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit Masters in Aero/Mechanical, what are my chances of getting into Stanford, Berkeley or MIT. Our math program is obviously outstanding, and your course of study is extremely flexible. Berkeley ME will likely be more rigorous (and therefore probably more academically rewarding), as you mentioned it is ranked higher, and if you are interested in research there is no shortage of it here at the highest level. Below is a chart comparing MIT vs Stanford on a variety of factors. UBC: I don’t really know how to feel about this school. Thoughts? I'm in the L&S program so it might be. MIT vs Stanford for CS Major : r/ApplyingToCollege. [deleted] In addition to everything everybody said here, Berkley is MASSIVE. Not sure what institutional support is but in general there isn't too much hand-holding for graduate studies. See National Research Council, A Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States (Washington, DC: National Academies Press, 2011) (field name Computer. Holtz and CS70 is with Babak Ayazifar, Doug Tygar. It isn't harder to get into than MIT. I used to think Cal was inferior to the big names (ie. Berkeley review + taken mcat? The books are hit or miss. 0 is another story, but I guarantee a 3. Don't know much about the instructors, but regardless of that, Math 55 will almost certainly be much easier. No employer would prefer one university over the other. That being said though it’s still a top 30 school in the country and since your in state it’s cost effectiveness is probably better than most t20s with no financial aid. The most important things are your advisor and group and type of research problems you will be working on. Berkeley $120k total; COA $162k total. In a normal class, you do really well on projects and tests, you get a good grade, say an A. Since Berkeley has a great reputation (because of 1 and history), they get the best, since they get the best, their graduates get the best jobs. Hi, I'm actually in the MIDS program and also had to decide between MIDS and OMSA. Guaranteed major at Cornell vs UC Berkeley. I’m on the WL for Sloan but if I get off it strong chance I won’t get any $. Just apply - if you get in then you can make your decision then. There are lots of industry connections there so no worries about the network loss. Help me fall in love with UCLA and convince me that it’s better than MIT. MIT is more "rigorous" but most people want to have fun in college while doing just enough to accomplish their life goals. In my team, we've many guys from Stanford, Cornell, Princeton and. At Berkeley, I would have to take on average 4 classes a semester, but at Caltech, I would have to take 5 classes a quarter. However, I'm not exactly sure which one to go with since they both seem kinda different. I plan to major in Computer Science (although I hope to explore other subjects like Math as well). I think Berkeley is more competitive, just because the undergraduate student body is much larger. Econ 2 is 3 hours of lecture and 1 hour of discussion per week. Meanwhile, Cornell is smaller and has already guaranteed me a spot for majoring in Econ. Even without cost consideration, unfortunately CS is one of the weakest majors at UChicago, while it’s one of the best at Berkeley, so probably would go with latter. The different foods of the dining halls, the pizzas of clark kerr, the brunches of crossroads is better than nothing in my opinion. There’s nothing inherent about a Berkeley degree that automatically makes someone a better student. For example, UC Berkeley is better for CompSci and Engineering, but UCLA is (generally) better for humanities. Yeah it is marginally harder (4% vs 5% is something I recall a professor telling me), but the only math classes EECS have to take that L&S CS don't have to is math 53 (multivariable calculus). I wouldn’t risk losing Wharton admission to do the MIT interview. Definitely yes for CS, other person doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Yeah I know Harvard tends to be more prestigious out if the two but considering Harvard is usually better for liberal arts while MIT is better for stem, I somehow maybe thought an MIT math degree would. Berkeley is doing a lot of renovation right now, however, so it is addressing some of the out-of-date issues. To be specific on course difference, EECS has to take Math 53 (multivariable calc), Physics 7A&B, and one other tech (most people take Physics 7C), which L&S CS does not require. The “big four” is essentially merely a term used because these schools have always been dominant in the field. Saw a similar post on here and having a tough time choosing where to go for undergrad CS+Math double major. Stanford allows people to accomplish their goals with significantly less stress than MIT. Although MIT's acceptance rate is like 7% and Cambridge econ is like 12% so its pretty negligible (plus Cambridge had an econ-specific entrance exam and academic interview). I don't really like the student culture at Berkeley, but I've heard that the environment at Harvard is much more suited for me personally. You can choose CS as yours and so you can take the CS classes you would be interested in and can get into. MIT vs Cambridge (UK) : r/ApplyingToCollege. Here, we explore MIT Sloan and Berkeley Haas with insights from MBA Admissions Officers and other valuable perspectives. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or curious about opening your own small business, there’s now a wealth of free knowledge available online. It touches C, Python, Javascript, algorithms and much more. PSA: Many of Berkeley's courses have lectures and materials free online. Princeton for sure - Berkeley is certainly not worth 80k more than Princeton. These sites all offer their users a way to publicly share photos, information and links. Unless you are super passionate about Berkeley or. Harassed on Shattuck/University Tonight at 6:30pm. In my opinion, MIT will hold your hand through your classes just slightly more and just more support overall. Berkeley's history and English departments are both ranked #1 (for graduate studies, but worth noting nonetheless), and I was able to take small, interesting classes/seminars early on. Do you have to go to grad school at MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, etc. so far, i have received the following responses: - berkeley(feb 16): admit with fellowship - mit (feb 17): admit w/o yet, but prof. like i said, it’s all just cope for kids mad about CC students being successful. Haas ($$) vs Sloan : r/MBA. The administrators are at least as worried about. Cost: Berkeley is a lot cheaper than Caltech because I would pay in-state tuition (~$30,000 vs ~$55,000). I was recently admitted of the waitlist for UCLA and have already committed to Berkeley and was wondering whether UCLA would be the best choice. Whatever Berkeley could teach you, Stanford can as well, maybe even better. Being in silicon valley also gives you access to way more opportunities than the east coast does, so that alone is a huge plus. Khan academy's Linear algebra is great you should try that if you are just getting started with linear algebra. Hi all, I am planning to start an online Master's program in Data Science this year and was wondering if anybody has experience with any of these programs and how they compare to each other. Ivy League is basically Ivy+ these days, with the “+” being MIT & Stanford. Classes are pretty small and easy. UC Berkeley VS Cornell VS Georgia Tech : r/gradadmissions. Berkeley was just too big and liberal and overcrowded for my tastes. For those who want to switch into a high demand major after being accepted (discoverers), they will have one chance to do so. I even made my way to Berkeley to pick up a student ID to show at museums and use as a free bus pass on AC Transit. Maybe your feelings will change over the next year. Princeton's average GPA last year was 3. berkeley - $120,000 scholarship. s081, it covers almost every thing you need to know about operating system, and workload is much lower. Idk about Caltech but Berkeley ML research is nearly best in the nation. If I did 61b a year ago for example, I would’ve gotten an A in the class because of the different grade boundaries. You also got UCSF in proximity. Yale and UPenn are great and well known schools but berkeley has a stronger brand/prestige for CS specifically than either of them. Haas MBA/Meng vs MIT LGO : r/MBA. I think you should choose between UC Berkeley and UCLA. UC Davis with Regents or UC Berkeley : r/UCDavis. Both programs are top-ranked (top 20) but Berkeley is higher ranked and in the top 5. Why is Massachusetts Institute of Technology better than University of California, Berkeley? 20 700. Cornell is more prestigious at the undergraduate level. Yes: MIT has stronger brand recognition than Cornell. US News has it overall at 22, just below UCLA and beating USC. MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Oxford). Reddit iOS Reddit Android Rereddit Best Communities Communities About Reddit Blog Careers Press. But the world doesn't actually point their fingers and snicker at Cornell, especially not their School of Engineering. People usually debate between Caltech and MIT, not Berkeley and MIT. Outside CA and outside the US it's huge. With millions of active users and page views per month, Reddit is one of the more popular websites for discussions online. Weather: Berkeley wins hands down. Had you chosen Berkeley instead, you also wouldn't have made a mistake - both are incredible schools for CS and you will be in a good place come time for internships and full-time positions in SV. Berkeley CS is also better if you want to go into big tech or startups after graduation, given the proximity to SF and Silicon Valley. Also, If you mess up your GPA your first couple of quarters, there's more opportunity to recover. Stanford MS Statistics w/ Data Science ~$50,000. Been researching to live off-campus apartments for a bit and learned that most places require applicants to pass background check, have a decent credit score and adequate proof of income. It is ranked #4 for Econ (tied with Princeton and Yale, according to US News. Which is better, UCLA or UC Berkeley? - Quora. Between a Stanford resume and a Berkeley resume, guaranteed the employer will choose the Berkeley. The EECS program is cool since you can take relevant EE courses but you can do that at tech do with your flexible technical electives just cross enroll in …. Berkeley for CS : r/berkeley. I believe this is because of the widespread of internet access. When I did my PhD maybe 1/20 or 30 graduated in 5 years or less without an MS. 2k for a cockroach infested, halfway underground, kitchenless 3bd 1 bath shithole. CS job opportunity in Bay Area make Cal undeniable better in that regard. Depending on what I end up getting through finaid appeal at …. There isn’t a real difference between the two. I got pretty much no aid for CPP. UW to some extent is a one-trick pony. That being said, as someone headed to Princeton this fall (Class of 2020, woop woop), Princeton's emphasis on undergraduate education is unparalleled elsewhere, and that was a large part of my decision. Stanford (Columbia would be top but Silicon Valley) Columbia (I’d kill to study in nyc) MIT. It's absolutely worth it if you can get in. However, both universities look for students who have excelled academically, demonstrated leadership …. Berkeley bioe is a small major, you can get a lot of support from professors, and it’s an elite program. UW will also obviously cost a lot less than MIT. yes they do, they shouldn't but colleges are not the communist indoctrination camps fox news makes them out to be. For reference in terms of my interests, us news ranks Berkeley #1 for CS, #1 for economics, #1 for english, #1 for history, #2 for math, #1 for psychology, and #1 for sociology. Being at the helm of technology strategy, a CTO must harmonize inventive vision with organizational goals, leading the team. I'm finishing up my undergrad at UC San Diego with a B. But there are some schools that get different numbers in the NRC regression rankings, the NRC survey rankings, and the US News rankings, and that are in the top 10 in one or two of these but not all three. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. It's expensive to live in Berkeley. Nothing to do in the area without a car. I see Duke is #1 on Above the Law for outcomes and has a stellar big law/federal clerkship rate. MIT Media Lab vs Stanford MS CS : r/mit. Berkeley EECS : r/berkeley. r/berkeley on Reddit: Looking for alternate Computer Science B. I've heard Berkeley's a lot more urban while Princeton's slanted suburban-wise. I want to study CS, so I am thinking Berkeley or MIT would be the best choice. How i see it: Berkeley: +Higher ranked +Far better weather +lots of nature nearby. I stayed there for 9 days for a camp and the surroundings were very nice IMO, having San Francisco a short bus ride away, and the forest for the beautiful scenery. But you can cross-reg, really recommended it. If Leyla Kabuli, a gifted musician and tech whiz, sets the bar for winning UC Berkeley’s highest honor for a graduating. What's important is that Berkeley is ranked #1 in physical, inorganic, and. Berkeley might have a slight edge with CS because of ties to Silicon Valley, including internships, but it is entirely possible you change your focus while at university which is what most students do. CS61B seems more "well-rounded" as they seem to cover more data structures and 6. I like MIT's culture more, I like the weirdness, the collaborative atmosphere, course 6, the Boston city, yeah pretty much everything except for the cold climate, which isn't really a factor for me anyway. Even athletes also need to get something like 3. UIUC is more affordable than Berkeley. In France and Israel, for example, it's often considered in the "big 3" with Harvard and Yale. Most prestigious college in the world? : r/ApplyingToCollege. One interesting thing about the 169L class is that the grade you get is sort of the way you are evaluated at work, as opposed to how you would normally be evaluated in a normal class. Multiply by four, it is $170,000 for your undergrad education. He also volunteered at our local library, but only our senior year. In recent years, with the Berkeley riots and other controversies disrupting student life on campus, the situation may not be awesome as it once was. 00$ lower cost of room and board? 12 744. Berkeley is definitely more prestigious, but I'm studying engineering at UCR and the department here is great. I did a summer and almost decided to do phD there. 0 unless you choose to make it that. (I am a transfer student BTW so i'll be coming in as a 3rd year basically). I can pay 60k, but would loan the additional 20k from my parents if I go Berkeley. Not long ago, she said, she visited the Berkeley campus and soaked in the culture so familiar to Californians — the way alumni call the school “Cal” rather than “U. The CS classes at Berkeley are simply unparalleled. AMA: UC Berkeley MEng Program : r/gradadmissions. Berkeley MSSE? Hey so I've been accepted into both the MCIT program and Berkeley's MSSE program. On the other hand, Berk EECS is ever so slightly worse than SCS, and its student body is enormous and cutthroat (Berkeley loves to torture its undergrads), but the social life blows CMU’s out of the water and people are generally happier there. I got in for Berkeley undeclared in the college of Letters and Science and CS for SJSU. Stanford University vs MIT: Comparison Chart. The biggest difference being in CS 70 vs EECS 203 where our intro course covers far more. I'm really grateful and ecstatic to get into all these schools, but am having a really difficult time deciding where to enrol. Plus Math 1 series is flexible in the sense it can apply to different majors. My advice is this: If you can afford 1. UMich v UC Berkeley : r/collegecompare. Berkeley is close to HYPSM tier in terms of grad school. How hard are top Graduate CS Programs, MIT, STANFORD, BERKELEY. As a resident of California, I have noticed the significant drop of Berkeley’s reputation (while UCLA’s reputation is steadily increasing) in the past couple of years. You're comparing average comp from Berkeley MFE to average comp at FANG. The only schools that compete IMO are Caltech, Stanford, and Berkeley. CMU might also be the best university for Cybersecurity in the nation. There's a lot of respect for Berkeley in the international community. Just because Berkeley may have more prestige than NYU doesn't mean it's the better school for you. Berkeley EECS with regents : r/csMajors. However, I don't see any disadvantages for going to Stanford. In fact, UC Berkeley is one of the top 5 schools in the world in international rankings. In other words, no petition is required. Also, online school sucks major butt either way so Berkeley was the more affordable online education. I think the one that best aligns with your goal of learning programming, Python or web dev is CS 50. Berkeley has a status in the tech world that's only rivaled by MIT, CMU, and Stanford. I committed to UC Berkeley last week as an EECS major, which surprised a ton of people who thought I would choose MIT. however ucla’s program is pretty great as well & i don’t think it would be a massive disadvantage either way. If you control for major it's probably even. The Elite 6 are: Cambridge & Oxford, Harvard & MIT, and Berkeley & Stanford. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or just starting out, Scratch offers a user-f. Berkeley may have a slightly more cutthroat environment, but most of the stories are exaggerated (I have many friends and relatives who go there tell me this). AFAIK they only take ~100 people per year. Do you think that the job market will be over saturated with OMSA students in the. Classmates and alumni are your best assets from the program. yes please!! Well my understanding is that certain STEM classes have like a rule where only 15-20% can get A in the class. 25 / Computing For Interactive Arts • 5 yr. While I'm inching towards UCB because I love their program, I'm unable to come to terms with the cost of attendance :0. According to Berkeleytime, the 5 series is curved to a B+ while the core upperdivs are curved to B. Hey all, I am currently in a tough position between my top choice and second choice MIT: 80% tuition and 100% health insurance UC Berkeley: Full ride Which one and why? Ps: I'm an international student. yup! i heard from MIT NSE today with an admit, and invite to visit berkeley was sent to me over month ago, been in touch with. age older than Berkeley and Stanford, ample funding, location is not so great but proximity to Harvard lead to a lot joint opportunities, most prestigious globally. This was recommended to me because if I don't make the 3. The dad of kid who got rejected by 16 colleges yet got into Google is a software engineering manager at guess what? Google. These are small but not insignificant differences, it adds up. Looking at strength in field, Penn is undoubtedly better at Business with Wharton. Berkeley's CS program is on par with Stanford's so I wouldn't worry too much about ranking. Also Berkeley smells like pee ¯_ (ツ)_/¯. OP simply posted stats for upper tail mobility rate. MIT vs UC Berkeley: Campus Life. 13 19 comments Best maisousa • 1 yr. Berkeley Haas: MBA program and culture. UCLA is a good school, but Berkeley is top 3 for pretty much every engineering discipline, science, and social science that you can think of. From all the admit events, the M. According to The Hechinger Report, the net cost for a student from a family that earns between $48,001 and $75,000 is $8,633 per year. Cornell has 16000 undergraduates; Berkeley has 32000. Is UC Berkeley MIDS Worth It?. I, unfortunately, didn't have a chance to visit Caltech or Berkeley so I don't know much about the vibe of the campus. Demographics Gender: Female MIT (EA, attending), Penn M&T, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, UC Berkeley (rejected from M. Also, if you're looking for name-brand recognition, Berkeley. Use the extra $ for housing or grad school. If tuition is not a problem, I probably would choose Berkeley. - College Experience: While I do like the decent balance between academics and social life, I don't think Berkeley is quite comparable to UCLA. If you're good enough, i think Berkeley program will help you achieve this. Their CARS is the worst prep out there and their Psych is nothing like the actual exam and lacks sociology. UT is better than Harvard in fields related to Computational Science, but I'm still not sure because Harvard students can take courses at MIT, which ranks higher than UT. Finance-wise, both schools are in about the same price range (MIT is slightly cheaper by 2k). Advertising on Reddit can be a great way to reach a large, engaged audience. not to mention the additional cost. (Bay Area vs Boston for tech jobs) I go to Northeastern University for CS that has campuses in Oakland (quite close to UC Berkeley) and Boston. MIT ">What makes Undergrad applicants from top tier university(MIT. MIT Sloan remains in the M7 and has better brand recognition over Haas, especially in some regions abroad. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. Fo reals, it keeps getting canceled. This result is no surprise, particularly given the author of the article. Haas is a public institution whereas MIT Sloan is private. NYU $52k-60k total; COA $246k total. My undergrad CS classes at Berkeley were harder than my graduate classes at CMU, so I’m also not sure where some of the commenters got the idea that Berkeley is less. And the culture difference between Berkeley MET and caltech (CS?) is probably pretty different, in terms of MET being more business / entrepreneurship focused. I've also heard that Princeton CS has the reputation of being so enjoyable that it turns people with no interest in CS into CS majors, while. If you have any advice I would love to hear it! if you can, visit both campuses. 61A provides a much better conceptual foundation for programming. Based on what I've seen from tech forums, you'd probably be happier (at least socially) at USC. I think what I tried to convey is that since Berkeley is a public school and has a relatively higher acceptance rate (4x of Stanford, MIT, etc) than the private schools that have a higher upper tail success rate, students who come from the Bottom 20% have better odds of getting into Berkeley (tbh college admissions is random tho) and, thus, a higher likelihood. MIT vs Princeton (help me decide) : r/ApplyingToCollege. I mean, I don't know how true that is. Realtors’ Strangest Experiences Showing Houses. I know MIT is the more prestigious school, but I love. OMG ACCEPTED TO BERKELEY!! (Applied Math PhD) I'm beyond excited! I had a Stanford (ICME PhD) interview yesterday and they asked if I was going to win a Nobel prize LOL. In my puny mind I am not good enough. So here I am to explain why (the decis. so far, i have received the following responses: - berkeley (feb 16): admit with …. I don't think that Ivy League vs non-Ivy League matters at all from a career standpoint. In fact, this is emblematic of a much larger issue: none of the lower-divs (mainly 61A & CS70) are. I have a roughly 50% chance of being able to declare CS as my major if I go to Berkeley. If I recall, UC Berkeley surpasses UMich in all of those majors. Has anyone here made this decision before? r/mit • Prof. I've taken Multivariate Calculus (an essentially identical course to Math 53) through my high school, (it was a 1-1 course, and we used MIT's open courseware for lectures, problem sets, and exams). You could get your own new apartment in SD and have pets as well for the same price. Berkeley MIDS is from the school of information (not from EECS). Workload: ~4-5 hrs per week, ~10-15 during exam weeks and proj2. The MIT Media Lab is not really considered a place where serious academic work gets done, a lot of students regarded the projects coming out of there as a joke. The Economist, looking at some of the same data, has another illogical conclusion: It ranks MIT 19th and Berkeley third in the world, a gap of 16 places in the ranking. I thought I'd post this here as I posted this already in the NJIT sub and many commenters thought I could do better. Berkeley MSSE? : r/OnlineMCIT. The quarter system moves very fast in my opinion, but we get done with a class quicker. Peter literally wanted to wipe the minds of the entire planet to get mj and ned into MIT. This is probably the weirdest comparison you can imagine, but its the two schools im choosing between. as for berkeley’s environment, while i’ve definitely heard a lot of people who go there say it’s really competitive, i’ve also heard an equal amount say the opposite. The transition from lower div to upper div in math has a bit of a learning curve, and 104 is more difficult than 110. Cornell is in Ithaca (isolated location, a more rural town. Berkeley EECS vs UCLA CS : r/csMajors. Hi!! I’m currently a student at Berkeley who also had a rough time choosing UCSD vs Berkeley last year. Its closer to 6-7 years if your coming in without a MS. I transferred to UC Berkeley in 2013. r/berkeley on Reddit: If Stanford and Berkeley got into a war, …. MIT has more 'prestige,' so it may help slightly if you're interested in quant work or making a startup. Because of budget cuts, not all of the schools have the same. EDIT: really want to double major math/cs. MIT’s MFin has several ‘paths’. Both universities rank highly and offer a variety of courses. CS 61A! (jk) Actual recommendations: - Music 20A, Music 27, Astro C10 (not offered in the spring I think, but if you're looking for classes to take in a later semester) for lower divs. I would go with Berkeley since it sounds like a better research fit (I'm likely biased though since I chose Berkeley over Stanford aha). EECS is pretty hard to get into so nothing's ever a guarantee. Berkeley or Stanford? Please hear me out. Good news is that Cal is planning to double its housing within the decade. Feedback on MICS Program from University of California Berkeley.